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  1. also id like to point out that its been 2 years since zenyte last had a pvm update
  2. i'd say the people who waste their lives playing rsps/osrs
  3. Ingame Name: Discord id: Beendii#9168 Time Zone: gmt +2 Proof for requirements Picture Proof "exceptions can be made": https://gyazo.com/d776dc5dd959bea578077f1b54ffa0cb Which time would be best for the team raids: whenever im online
  4. wow i need to double name change rip
  5. https://gyazo.com/23e3e331fc2b307abd8c14e4dea27810
  6. Yes its time my friend!,we all have to start someday! raids 1 is my alltime favorite osrs content
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