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  1. This is huge, unfortunatly not able to compete but gl all
  2. Hi welcome, hope you'll have a great time here!
  3. Looks clean as hell. Good luck on your grind man
  4. I sure will! I'd like to teach anyone
  5. This looks sick. The amount of effort you put in the forums is awesome dude. Definitely following you on your journey
  6. I realised I never made an introduction post. So anyone caring enough to read it, here it is My name Is Merhex, currently 23 years old and play Runescape since 2006. Never had a different username really, going with it for at least 10 years now. I enjoy bossing the most in OSRS, Raids and Theatre of Blood in the main game. Zulrah is also something I like to do So feel free to pm me in game if you'd like to boss some day on the live game. Besides Zenyte and OSRS, I like to play Chess, code and appreciate some fine sushi with my girlfriend watching a good serie on the couch. Comfort all the way.
  7. I was recently wondering what tiers existed. Glad I found this
  8. Favourite activities of mine are Learning Maybe sounds geeky but I love to learn new stuff in general. The feeling of knowing more and be able to do more is amazing to me. Coding I started learning coding on my own propably like 2 years ago but I feel I am not that good at it still. It really is an art-form in itself and appreciate any good coding. That's why I admire everything what Zenyte has created thusfar. From website to actual game. I mainly know C# and SQL but I am expanding my knowledge to JavaScript as well. (HTML and CSS not included ) And playing around in Unity is something I enjoy as well. Gaming Gaming is something I have always done since I was little, going from Pokémon to Runescape, Counter-strike, League of Legends, Rocket League and many more games. But I am decreasing in play time slowly as I feel other things are becoming more important in real life. But still enjoy gaming nonetheless. Chess I am a bit addicted to chess nowadays, so if someone is also registered on chess.com, name is the same be sure to add me to play some games!
  9. First gmaul in the game?
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