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  1. Lake Molch (Aerial Fishing/Hunter/Cooking) - Wiki: Lake Molch A good way to introduce the Angler's outfit to zenyte and adds few alternative ways of training specified skills. The exp/h is not op compared to other methods already in-game. Minimum Requirements: 43 + 35 Base exp/h (x5 Mode): 50,000 | 75,000 | 25,0000 Molch Pearl Base/h: 12-16 (depending on your level which can be tweaked just like you guys did with the mark of grace) Bird Houses (Crafting & Hunter) - Wiki: Bird Houses Alternative way of training hunter + getting bird nests. A run is done once every hour and the exp is somewhat good, not op but good for being an afk method of training the skill. Minimum Requirements: 5 + 5 Base exp/h (x5 Mode): 5,600 Average nests per run (4 houses): 2-10 (depending on the house you use, can be tweaked just like you guys did with mark of grace)
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