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  1. Support. This would be great for general use and also would be wonderful for doing a skilling event as well to have easier tracking.
  2. I had assumed that in a non-tournament setting this would just be something to gear from your bank. Basically just saving time over using runelite bank tabs and having to drag things around your inv to organize.
  3. Big fan of many of these. Well thought out and good things for donor tiers without being too good or too big an advantage.
  4. What would you think of different numbers of presets by donor rank with a base number available for free? Kinda like home portal having extra favorite tele unlock spots. Seems like that might be a nice way to do it rather than by features.
  5. I'm not sure how I feel about the spellbook preset or how that would really work with the way it currently is having to swap spellbook at an altar or with mage cape perk. I'd definitely like to hear some ways people might think this would drastically change a current meta or make something op. I can think of a number of places this would be useful ranging from the farm/birdhouse runs, gearing for clue scrolls (really tedious when you get a lot of wildy steps), gearing for bossing, etc. Seems like it would be really nice to have.
  6. Thought I would follow up on this as I've been having luck with the grinds I've been working on over the last month or so.
  7. Unfortunately no rangers yet but I did snag bandos boots earlier. Unfortunately on med clues so far I've only gotten manacles and wizzy boots so far.
  8. I've been wanting to grind out armadyl / bandos for a while to finish up with the big godwars grinds so after getting a Tbow from raids I decided to go grind out arma and it went much better than expected.
  9. Support. After the clues update my bank has been basically full all the time as I have ~100 items for them which is really straining my bank. Would love to see more space opened up and if it's linked to donor status it sounds like a pretty good reward for the different tiers.
  10. ranger guy

    Raids Loot

    I've been working on Chambers of Xeric these last few weeks and this is the result! Very happy with how well its been going so far! These were almost all solo's using xerics wisdom scrolls for the point boost
  11. And that crozier too!
  12. I had stored up 81 totems before the release of Skotizo from slayer so I decided, since clues were stackable, to kill all the Skotizo and keep track of the loot. I ended up with everything I wanted, the pet, the claw, and mostly the clues to grind out.
  13. I took the first screenshot back in October representing the state of my gear and basically the best of what I had. Was looking back on it and thought it would be fun to pull some of my current gear out and compare to see the progress over the ~5 months.
  14. I'll trade you some karils for an ahrims top!
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