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  1. Any kinda of feedback is good feedback folks. That's what it is here for. There will be more polls to come.
  2. Main Topic for Poll Upgrade Tokens These tokens will allow players to upgrade the tier of weapons or armor, taking the previous weapon and tokens from your inventory and replacing it with the upgraded item. For example, upgrading dragon scimitar to barrows weapon, you would select the tickets in your inventory, use them on the dragon scimitar, and then select which weapon you want to upgrade it to. You would NOT be able to obtain gear from GWD, Raids, ToB or other certain bosses through upgrade tokens. These tokens mainly only apply to smithable items + certain dragon and barrows items. Skilling Tokens These tokens will provide a selectable bonus while skilling. While they are in your inventory, you will either gain bonus experience or an extra item during skilling, consuming tokens at a 1 token per 1 action ratio. Double Drops vs. Double rolls In place of the double drop events, or perhaps as another event, we would add an extra roll of the drop table for each kill, giving you better chances at receiving those sweet sweet l00t drops. Luck of the Dwarves This ring would be a super rare drop, with combat stats as well as a perk that would give an extra roll on the Rare Drop Table (which is the separate drop table various monsters can access) every time it is rolled naturally. Hazelmere's Signet Ring This ring would be an ultra rare drop, that can only be obtained while wearing the Luck of the Dwarves while killing monsters. It would have combat stats that rivals the brimstone ring and a perk which has a very small chance to double your drops from PVM while worn. Degradable Skilling Tools These tools would be the same tier as crystal, with the perks of infernal tools, which will need charges to activate. You will receive no extra xp for the secondary action. Pickaxe - mining any ore will smelt the ore into a bar when the resource is received. Such as mining iron ore would turn it into an iron bar. Mining coal would produce a steel bar, etc Axe - chopping trees will burn logs when the resource is received. Harpoon - fishing with this item will cook fish as you receive them. Having it in your inventory while you fish with other tools will also provide the same effect.
  3. Name: Carl Age: 28 Location: Ohio Brief Introduction: Hello, my name is Carl as most of you already know. I honestly don't have much to say about myself. However I do Industrial Powder Coat Painting for a living. I'm married with 3 handsome little boys ranging from the age's of 1 year old to 4 years old. (some of you have encountered them on live stream/voice chat. When did you join the Staff Team and what made you chose to join it? I joined the staff team in December of 2020. I never wanted to be a staff member, don't really remember why. However I decided that I was going to continue playing Zenyte till the end, and I mean literally to the end! So I decided to give applying for staff a chance, and to my amazement I got accepted and I do not regret it one bit! I have always helped and been there for player's prior to be staff as I invest most of my time online speaking with players and helping them as much as I can. ZENYTE IS LIFE!!!!!! What do you enjoy the most about Zenyte? What I enjoy most about Zenyte is the player engagement. Most of you know this already as well. I respond as quickly and efficiently as my life allows me to. Which on discord is quite fast 90% of the time. Other 10% is sleeping! I also love raiding Media and Entertainment: Will add some photos at a later time!
  4. hi, i donated 50

  5. That's fine. Give me some time and ill get back to you. It wont let me add you on discord btw.
  6. No you do not. Can do start to finish whether is wave 1-63. However if your a iron we may need certain items to be able to complete it.
  7. Pming on discord. Nice joke btw FIRE CAPE COMPLETED
  8. I will happily assist you with this matt. As i have done both of these services in the past.
  9. I spent alot of time in mlm on osrs when i did play, it it bothers me just as much here. so im assuming it oes match. so nothing should be changed xD
  10. Looking forward to seeing new content! Great job matt.
  11. This is probably way over due considering how long i've been here, but my name is Carl or Cnote for those who don't know me. I've been playing zenyte regularly for over a year now, as long as played runescape since I was a child starting at the public library. I don't play OSRS anymore due to not having time to spend grinding now that I have a family consisting of 3 kids and a wife. I'm probably one of the chillest players you will meet. Whenever i'm online and not busy feel free to message me for chatting/help/bossing whatever it may be. Welp, that's about it for me. Cya in-game!
  12. Ingame name: Itcnote100 Time Zone: Eastern US Team you apply for: Casual Gear "screenshot" if applying for pvm team: Past experience pvm/skilling: Mostly zenyte Do you Accept the rules?: Yes
  13. @Ripe OrangeThank you for applying to Elysium, you are being accepted into the clan. I will message you momentarily with more information.
  14. @Alondor279 @Stonchief420 @Pickle Nick Thank you for applying to Elysium. We will be glad to have you 3 on our team! Please check your pms here shortly for invite. Thank you. Elysium mod Itzcnote100
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