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  1. hi, i donated 50

  2. Thats true. Vork can be done melee but HAS to be dhl
  3. Tbow will help with column 3 but those take skill not just gear. I havent had a sub 30 solo yet.
  4. Itzcnote100

    2FA removal

    @MojjeHello, i can do 2fa resets on all 3. Is it possible to discord me? Bit easier on the communication side as im at work
  5. Hmu on discord ill handle it when your available.
  6. Hey Ultrob, unfortunately we do not replace items due to disconnections. We only replace items lost due to a bug with evidence. However if you see me online I will be willing to assist with ma2 if you have issues finding locations.
  7. In-game name: itzcnote100 Combat level: 126
  8. That's fine. Give me some time and ill get back to you. It wont let me add you on discord btw.
  9. No you do not. Can do start to finish whether is wave 1-63. However if your a iron we may need certain items to be able to complete it.
  10. Pming on discord. Nice joke btw FIRE CAPE COMPLETED
  11. I will happily assist you with this matt. As i have done both of these services in the past.
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