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  1. As if this will even be a competition. Give it to @Cael and call it a day.
  2. Looking forward to it! Keep us updated!
  3. Posted on the wrong service advertisement m8.
  4. Current order in process for: Hippy Status of order: Complete Client has: Paid Thank you @Hippy for trusting Necromancer's MA2 service to supply your Imbued Guthix cape today! Please enjoy and let me know when I can be of service again. Another happy customer!! Contact Necromancer in game or on forums for MA2 and Zulrah services!
  5. Welcome to your newest addiction ! Enjoy your time!
  6. Interested to hear why this got turned down the first time..
  7. Anyone know what's going on here? Not able to get into the discord even though the people I was trying to raid with are having no issues.
  8. That's hard R luck right there lol. Gz
  9. +1 to Jakey! Quick and trustworthy :]
  10. Username: Necromancer Timezone?: Central Standard Time Tell us a bit about yourself?: Current Master's of Business Administration student and Zenyte extraordinaire. Looking for peeps to hang out with that share the same goals I do. Currently looking for a group to learn raids with! Favorite activity?: On Zenyte I love doing Zulrah. It's relaxing and rewarding. In real life, I enjoy trapping black bears for research purposes. No joke, I really did that lol. How active are you in-game and forums?: Extremely active on both. Mostly every day unless I get caught up with work. If you were referred by someone, who was it?: Imamonsta Hopefully upon entry I can get a group of people together to start learning raids together. I've never done them, and I think it would be fun to tackle the learning curve with everyone else who would like to learn.
  11. Hey all, i'm looking for a raids team that doesn't mind teaching. I learn quick and once i've got it down I plan on raiding A LOT. I'm maxed stats as well. TY for consideration!
  12. Very proud of this accomplishment tonight
  13. I'd like to learn raids for Christmas, please santa

    1. Rolex


      Have you been a good boy this year?

  14. I've played many RSPS and staffed several of those many in years past. Never in my time on these have I ever found one with such a committed player base. People truly want to reach milestones on here because even on x50 and x25 its a grind. People love this server because it has dedication from up top and I can greatly appreciate and choose to spend lots of time on a server when I know it is going to do nothing but grow. Growth is key.
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