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  1. I see your point, but osrs they have 1 hr to get items back, since here we less 1/6 of that time yes it should adivice or let the items out of the chamber, since instances, are safer then acctually osrs gameplay! since osrs you can't use instances at all at gwd... I keep my point saying something should atleast be changed at the bear minimun
  2. I dont see how people would afk kree'arra to begin with, and they didn't advice that either, shoulden't be atleast one message before getting inside gwd saying to you get multiple keys in case of death?
  3. Yeah I didnt got the money to buy it atm, thats why I was doing Kree'arra to begin with...
  4. Yesturday I was doing Kree'arra and died, not server fault my fault just letting it clear, once i came back to get my items, i saw the time was about 4 min, and I had to kill about 30 minions, if you don't have gwd scroll and you dont have spare ecumenical keys, thats it gg items... I suggest increasing the death times, or even the full death update since this is a osrs thing why we only have 5 min to get items back? th items should be atleast out of gwd chamber!
  5. Hello i think since there is only one world avaible an instance for each boss... Where i need to have the enought killcount and when you click on the door u have the option to start an instance pay for normies and free for irons And if u die u cant get your items back Is pretty hard to do gdw without a team and even harder being an iron tym for reading
  6. ty for the chance! i really hope u guys enjoy it
  7. hey bois! Iron jager-legend here i hope u all can watch my first zenyte vídeo if u guys want also sub and give the thumbs up love u all bois
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