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  1. wtff???? where is this rng for me huh??? jeeebs. Nice dude!!
  2. Thank you and gz to everyone!
  3. It's more than just the split: I'm not sure why there is ill-intent in this post that is just here for fun and for people to enjoy themselves. Enjoy the content, nothing to do with clout. He has a YouTuber rank for a reason, and he's providing content. Let it be.
  4. Only other thing I can think of in regards to this is the developer options. Search developer options in your settings and look for "increase amount of allowed background apps" and see how many you have, and increase the number if you can. If not that's just about as much as you can do with the S9 - though it shouldn't do this behaviour. Coming out of the app then locking the phone or are you locking it whilst Zenyte is open and running?
  5. I feel that, it's true. And there is still so much more potential. I really want to do Cerb! I will after my stats are mostly based most likely. Always a good idea to take breaks before you burn out.
  6. I really like this - would be cool to have these attached to our patch notes when posted! Great idea.
  7. As nice as this would be I don't really feel that this is needed. As it is, this is an OSRS server - not RS3/Pre-EOC. If your bank and your gear is organised enough, it doesn't take a minute to withdraw what you need because you know where it is. Also we have the deposit all equipment feature, so it makes switching gear less trouble than it used to be. I don't support this, however I'm not completely against it. If it passes and ends up going through, no issue.
  8. It could be your phone not allowing persistence with background apps. I have a OnePlus 6 and locking the phone does not exit or logout the game for me - but that is because it allows apps to have full control in the background. You can first check in the settings if you can give the Zenyte app more permissions, to see if that helps. If not it could just be the way your phone works. Which model do you have so we can confirm?
  9. It's crazy! I can easily say 70% of the people I meet are huge engine heads. Even my work colleagues, seems to be rising in popularity or I'm just getting older. Keep reaching for those goals man, save your money as much as you can - invest! Selling cars is a hard job, so I wish you luck if that's where you want to go. I'll see you around in-game some time.
  10. Welcome to the server man! It's great to have you here. Hope you enjoy your time playing. There is a lot more from us to offer Zenyte and the players in the future so be sure to stick around
  11. I find a lot of people on the RSPS scene love cars! Seems we've all matured back from the silabsoft days aye. Good to have you in the fam bro! Feel free to hit us up if you need assistance.
  12. Oh god how do you bear with such a speed? POOOGGGERRRSSSSSSS
  13. Ah man I feel that all too much! Half if not most of my day is just work :(. Yeah @Nos- you and your fancy stats, you make me jealous - noob. It's all about doing it at your own pace! You have to enjoy it but don't overdo it till you burn out - just have fun and chill out. Good luck bro! Hahahahahahaha this cracked me up.
  14. That's cool man - I hope it helps you!
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