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  1. I can but not at the moment, I've said in the thread that I'm only going to update it once a month since it's too much of a faff to update it weekly and it's a lot more effort plus in a month I'll hopefully have more progress to show etc. Thank you btw. Thanks a lot man, means a lot!
  2. Haha thank you all for your kind words! means a lot gonna keep on grinding might take a while but as long as I don't stop I'll eventually reach my goal. And I'm making all the moooooves,
  3. Would just like to say a thank you to all of you for your kind words! I'm still working on my goals and achievements, I was hoping to get it done before the release but I've been busy with IRL shit, I'm gonna continue to work on my goals and what not but progress might be a little slow since I've now got a job that requires me to be at work 6 days a week. Thank you all!
  4. Would just like to say thanks! appreciate the support and positive feedback, I will eventually finish it, I'm currently busy finishing my last piece of University work, preferably before release *POG*
  5. Nice goals and achievements layout, Looking forward to seeing progress on release!
  6. Mtarik

    New Crowns

    New crowns look super clean, good to have you with us!
  7. Mtarik

    Server Media

    This is awesome! good job this should get people excited for the release!
  8. Update : 11/03/2019 New suggestions - Clan Hiscores (possibly an idea for the future) - Forum awards (for now.)
  9. Hey Monk, welcome to the community.
  10. Bit late to reply but it looks fucking amazing man! The design looks very consistent and I love the way you added the animated images instead of regular images, feel like it added that extra umph! Keep it up man
  11. Thanks! thought some of them would be nice to see in game, not all of them though I do understand that so maybe we could possibly poll them in the future
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