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  1. I would love to see being able to recover all the items that you can "buy" using "slayer points" from the slayer rewards shop to be recoverable for either GP or a reduced amount of slayer points. for instance losing your cannon means a bunch more tasks to get the 500 back
  2. Yah I tried Nulodion and he doesn’t have the cannon. Blessing I’m sure I just have to rebuy at some point (will probably wait for Kebos though for radas tbh)
  3. Had a problem today at Lizardman shamans where my client crashed and when I opened up the game I had died. (It was only 5 minutes or so between crash to login) and when I went to get my stuff at shamans it was gone. I lost a cannon, the peaceful blessing among other supplies. is There a way to recover cannon? Or my blessing?
  4. I would love to see a new Lizardman shaman scroll added to the store for 150 credits that would be added under the boss section, teleporting players to the cave entrance of the task Lizardman shaman area (which you can kill off task in Zenyte so it’s a great spot for dwh farming). This would help players get to shamans a lot faster without taking away the grind for the DWH.
  5. I want to love the crystal bow in game (as much as I do on osrs) but I can’t because it’s not the same one. Literally. It’s the bow before the update in osrs that removed the imbued version and the stupid stat reduce every 250 shots. This should be fixed and we just have the crystal bow with no need to imbue every 2500 shots and waste tons of loyalty points, or be forced to use a stat reduced version.
  6. I would love to see the mountain guide near chamber's of xeric become usable. this would give quick access to the lizardman swamps and the task only shaman area.
  7. Tbh I only farm a very small portion of the day so I fish scales afk a lot. Blowpipe is just way faster than any other range weapon for killing shamans and steel darts are easy to come by since shamans drop iron ore and coal in abundance.
  8. The Ultimate LizardMan Shaman/DWH Guide (No Cannon) ** updated post xeric patch** Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you my experience (of over 5k kc dry -.-) of how to kill Shamans at a rate of ~90-100 an hour singleway, with no cannon! I use this method because it is very quick and efficient, and saves a lot on resources. Anyway let's get into it! The Setup: This is the optimal setup for my method. as you can see full shayzien is a must! it keeps the damage to a minimum. Furthermore the Ava's assembler saves on ammunition, which you will need a ton of over thousands of kills. Thirdly the fury, archer's ring, and blessing are super easy to get, one requiring money (even on Ironman) and the other a few hours grind at DKs. The blessing helps when prayer flicking to maintain slightly longer without losing any points. Finally, the Blowpipe is really a must. though it is optional and you can replace it with a Crystal Bow or Crystal Bow (I) for slightly lower rates if you cannot afford or have been unlucky at Zulrah The Inventory: The Inventory Setup is basic. You want half decent food (you can see my budget wine from 99 cooking :p). You also want a couple Antipoisons, Home Teles, a Xeric's Talisman (Optional) and bonecrusher (Optional). You can also bring a rune pouch (optional) for high alching if you desire. Getting There: To get to the shaman caves you want to use either a Fairy ring (Code DJR) and run south through the Shayzien area, then west through the swamps to the cave or Use Xeric's Talisman ( choose Xeric's Lookout) then run due west to the Caves. The Caves in OSRS are task only, however on Zenyte you can kill there even off task! Beautiful! The Caves: When you enter the caves you will see a large open room connected to 4 smaller ones. Each of the 4 smaller rooms has 2 Lizardman Shamans in it. It doesn't matter which you choose as they are all the same size etc. It is good to note that they will not attack you if you leave the room, HOWEVER! they can have agro on you if you enter and leave one of the smaller rooms and can spawn the purple familiars that can explode and kill you. even if you aren't in one of the smaller rooms. (I died while afking in the main hall once to this) Once you pick a room it's time to move on to actually killing the shamans and pray for a DWH!!! The Fight: When you enter the room you will be immediately attack by 1 of the lizardman shamans You want to immediately activate Protect From Range and start attacking back on Rapid setting for your weapon. (make sure auto retaliate is off!) You want to make sure to STAY ALONG THE WALL as this negates the jump attack and you can comfortably kill them without taking any damage. You also want to make sure to move when you see the purple familiars spawn, immediately! (THEY HAVE CHANGED WITH UPDATE TO BE ALMOST IMMEDIATE!) making sure to STAY ALONG THE WALL. otherwise you risk a jump attack and if the 3 purple familiars are near you when they explode (5x5 square attack) they will deal up to 10 damage each! OPTIONAL BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!: learn to prayer flick range! this will extend trips and increase kills per hour greatly! **This has changed post xeric patch to be on the top of the animation instead of the end** so prayer flick when you see the projectile landing or slightly before to account for the next hit. (Think Zulrah or jad if you have done those) Furthermore (optional) but recommended is to remember to use the special attack on the blowpipe to recover your health BEFORE using food. as this will also extend trips. If you don't have a blowpipe bring a Magic Short Bow (I) and use the special attack for it for higher DPS, switching back to Crystal Bow or Crystal Bow (I) for regular attacks. Recharging Prayer: Recharging Prayer is extremely fast at this location as you don't have to teleport home and back. Instead you simply run North from the Caves to the Altar in the swamps then run back. It is here that the AntiPoison potions are extremely necessary, since the Lizardman Brutes may attack you and poison you. You don't need to Pray Range as they rarely hit. Wrapping it Up: The only thing left to cover is when you run out of food/Inventory space simply teleport home with a teleport tab, bank, restock, and repeat! congrats! You are on your way to getting your DWH! Hopefully faster than my grind has been I wish you all good RNG and hopefully you get something out of my guide. If you have any comments or questions let me know below or ingame (username Lestat) Also thanks to imggmi.com for making uploading images super easy. The format is simple and was easy to resize etc. (In case anyone is looking for a good image URL creator)
  9. Yeah me either tbh I agree with you bro. I’m just throwing out the idea of change, not expecting **** . Though tbh it really wouldn’t effect the price as it’s not an item that gets sold a lot, and people tend to only do shamans on task or when they need to farm their own dwh. In my week straight of farming I’ve seen only two other people there grinding, and even then only briefly. A lot like godswords the price wouldn’t change that much from 1250 to 2500 to even 5000 as they just wouldn’t be sold that much.
  10. Yo I feel like everyone here has either gotten a dwh under 3k kc or has never done them b4. It’s hard to obtain and endgame gear yes. But it’s only 1 piece of the endgame puzzle and bars Ironmen and Solo peeps from a lot of content. Having a 1/1250 wouldn’t lower the value of it whatsoever and would help players get to the endgame just a tad bit quicker. A 1/1250 is .08% per drop. .08%!... looking at a probability calculator that means you only have a 55% chance of getting one at 1000 KC. That’s 10 hours or more of grind for just a 50/50 and that’s quartered from osrs. A 1/2500 is 32% at 1000 KC. There is a large different there but not enough to devalue the item or effect drop rates to a staggering degree. I personally am around 4.5k KC now and see no dwh in sight. It’s super frustrating and I’m far overdue for one. I’ve put in more time into this grind than most of my 99s put together, which is pretty ridiculous for 1 piece of gear that’s not from raids, Corp, or GWD.
  11. Yeah I love the challenge and the difficulty. But not too much. Isn’t that why we are all here on Zenyte? Because of quicker rates and higher drop % than regular osrs??? So yeah even irons get leeway and should be considered for qol updates. Cause a “challenge” on Zenyte is really no challenge compared to osrs. That being said just add the qol updates, if people want to play true irons they will play osrs. The idea of an Ironman is to get everything yourself outside of getting them straight from other players. Supply drops don’t retract from the iron experience period, especially following the raw mats concept I stated above and not giving finished goods or supplies... you are still working just as hard you just get occasional windfalls or random stuff. How is that not getting it yourself? A 1/300 supply drop for an iron with minimal stuff would only help not hinder and do nothing to subtract from the experience. I should know I’ve been playing an iron main for 2 months and am in the top 15 experience wise...
  12. Yeah the concept of Ironman is obtaining things by yourself. In what way is killing a monster to get a supply drop not getting it yourself? Is another player involved in that process??? No... so fallacious argument you have there.
  13. So I’m at ~4K KC at shamans with no DWH on my iron and this one piece of gear is keeping me from enjoying more endgame content like GWD and eventually raids. Could we not have to grind 50+ hours or even 100+ just to get one piece of gear??? could the drop rate be quartered instead of halved? A 1/1250 is still super rare and would take many hours to get but be obtainable enough that you don’t have to spend 50 hours on the same mob on a rsps... before you can do anything else. A 1/1250 is .08% per drop. .08%!... looking at a probability calculator that means you only have a 55% chance of getting one at 1000 KC. That’s 10 hours or more of grind for just a 50/50 and that’s quartered from osrs. A 1/2500 is 32% at 1000 KC. There is a large different there but not enough to devalue the item or effect drop rates to a staggering degree. i know this will get flack but I’m suggesting it anyways. The 1/2.5k is wayyyy rare and even though it’s half of osrs it’s still too much of a grind for a quick paced rsps. secondlt I have a problem with there only being 3 shamans and when you play an iron you can’t get your kill if someone else hits it (say with a cannon which happens 10+ times a day). Add instances! Or more shamans elsewhere cause it’s not enough shamans for the server.
  14. Edit: Alright guys a week later and no sign still. Over 60 hours at this point. I’ve found ways to relieve the grind, fixing my method to be more afk etc. switching up my weapon to a crystal bow to save on resources, doing slayer and farm runs in between the grind... I’ll let you all know when it pans out and I see those beautiful red pixels So I recently got my BP and for the past week on my iron have been farming the **** out of Lizardman shamans to get a DWH... Sadly I still haven’t gotten one and am starting to get super burned out at these scaly *****. So far I’m at: 41 hours of killing (lost track of KC close to 4K if not over atm) and I have used over 40k Zulrah scales... for nothing... I need some reassurance that this grind will come to an end because honestly it feels like cutting the drop rate in half from osrs’s 5k to 2.5k isn’t enough. I’ve burned through a bunch of darts, scales, food and more trying to get my hands on this dwh only to blast past the drop rate... not to mention the clustwr**** that is trying to get a spot at shamans with only 1 world and 3 shamans to kill. Wish the drop rate was lower or at least had different worlds to hop to, just wanted to vent on the worst gear grind in the game and by far the most tedious...
  15. What do you mean as you said before??? You haven’t commented on this post before. Also I think detrimental is very extreme. Adding a rare drop of a few not even supplies but ingredients for supplies would be far from the worst thing the development team has put out and is in game. Having some qol for the iron community needs to happen and a supply box tailored to irons would help that goal.
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