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  1. Share I tb'd gratz on the drop
  2. Thanks for the comments guys. Like I said though just what I've seen with other servers. Don't get me wrong I'm enjoying my time right now.
  3. I've started taking screen shots so I'll be making a threadnsoon enough
  4. Maybe just a g.e that updates prices. But like I said so much going for it compared to other servers. I'm going to put a fair few hours in to see if it builds up really enjoying it so far but I am a casual player.
  5. Just like to say I've joined for mobile good work guys
  6. I feel like this server has so much more going for it than other servers. 2 things that I've noticed bring more players from servers I've played. 1 being pk set ups for people who arnt intrested in levelling skilling ect. Also other servers have more paid adverts on YouTube and voting sites. EDIT: a side note is to stop eco from being destroyed other servers have a much lower drop rate for these pk ready accounts. Again not advice just something I've noticed. Reason this is in discussion and not suggestion is because it's just a point of view and not advice I'm not the server expert. What's everyone's thoughts
  7. Hello looking forward to seeing you in game
  8. Max mobile


    Very nice guide... zulrah seemed a bit weak in the vid.
  9. 1000 kills I'm guessing robes expensive if that's all you got?
  10. Thanks for the responses guys/girls
  11. Hello all I've come from a YouTube video I saw showing the mobile version. Thought it would be cool to come and try max an account. I might add a progress thread, anyway I'm Oliver from the UK don't be too shy to say hi in-game.
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