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  1. I support this but in another form. Instead of possibly seeing a bunch of scrolls in-game, I'd rather it just be a website based action. I know I've made a name for myself here as hox but the name ive used on steam and other platforms for roughly 15 years is npk or napkins. Would be nice to be given a 1 time name change option as a donation. Maybe have it on there for X amount but gray out / remove itself after being purchased once, or have it on its own separate page.
  2. SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET WADDUP Y'ALL!! Alright so ill start this off by saying I've never been good at introductions.. or just posting on forums as a whole. Not to mention i like to wait until i get a good footing to introduce myself properly. Basically I just like to lurk in the background and read what others have to say. When i do make these, i like to keep them short, informative and maybe entertaining?? Let's kick this off. I'm 24 and sadly turn 25 on the 13th of September but hey, cheaper car insurance am i right? Feels weird to hit that final age milestone.. In the Air Force. What up y'all, i know there's more of you. Post your AFSC's and let people know what you do. I'm a 2A8X2B currently at my second base in Hawaii working en-route. Basically i work on all the flight controls, navigation, flight surfaces, instruments, recording software, little bit of the fuel system and more on the C-17, C-5, KC-10, KC-135, Boeing 747/757,767 and 777. Other than that my hobbies are driving around the island for fun (i love to drive and used to race track), gaming (RS, CSGO, GTA Online and R6 Siege) and just trying new things like sky diving, snorkeling, surfing and more! Can find me in-game quite often just not talking or attempting to help people in the help cc. Tend to creep on Discord A LOT trying to find people in voice channels, always to be let down Other than that.. If anyone here ever needs someone to talk to, don't hesitate to hit me up on Discord (names npk/hox). Got any questions? Slap em down below. Hope to see you guys or talk to you when i see you.
  3. I noticed within discord someone said that it was rough obtaining wines of Zamorak and i too ran into that issue. As of right now the best option to obtain them (to my knowledge) is the Chaos Temple, where it re-spawns roughly every 15 seconds, and you cant pick it up until you kill the monks. Back in June of this year there was an update to the Deep Wilderness Dungeon that added an extension past fire giants with a wine of Zamorak spawn (3 second respawn). So with that being said.. What would be easier. Adding in that section of the dungeon to obtain wines more efficiently (with risk), or adding in an entire way to create them. Or both to add viable options to hcim who don't want the risk of dying, or for others who rather not farm them. This would be a minuscule update in the grand scheme of things when it comes to adding new content or improving the server, so i wouldn't be offended if everyone disagrees. Click HERE for the OSRS wiki. If you click on the map on the right side, it will direct you to a new page which will show the current OSRS map (as of June 2019) and the one right below will be what Zenyte uses (as of November 2018).
  4. I REALLY like potatoes..

  5. Ah fuck yeah my dude, now this is a thread i'd totally grave dig and revive. I love tattoos and have random ones spread around, but these two are by far my favorites so far. Currently in the works of getting a sleeve done. Neo Traditional, so it looks pretty dumb at the moment. Oh, and i blurred out my hobbit feet, hope you don't mind. They both have a reason behind them, and by far my smiley face is my favorite and means the most to me. Smiley: Honestly its a daily reminder. Every time i look at it i get a little grin just because its so dumb, but its also a reminder to just smile. No matter whats going on around you, if life's got you down, if you're in a rough patch or anything else. Just smile.. Even if you gotta fake it because no matter how fucked up life can be, it'll get better. Even forcing a fake smile can turn it into a real one or even make someone else smile if they're having a rough time. Laugh at the little things.. Lighthouse: I've lost a lot of family over the years including my mother at 18 (i'm only 24 and she has her own place on my chest over my heart), but this one goes out to my grandma. Little tid bit of info that i'll give is her nickname was daisy (hence the daisy) and she lived on the coast of California and LOVED lighthouses. She walked to the beach everyday to see them, had pictures and little figurines of them all over her house hence the lighthouse. She had a lot of impact on me during my younger years.
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