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  1. You really don't see a problem with you grinding for a week to get money for a blowpipe while I run 100 clients (if say demand were there) of blood runes at 5m/h/client for a week? That's 84b for doing nothing compared to your 1 week of grinding.
  2. "There is no difference between a player maxing out on 50x exp rates and one who bots to max on any exp rate." - So you're telling me there is no difference between starting a botted client and let it do everything for you, than to actually play the game? "Topic 2: In what world would anyone farm gold to sell outside the server on a private server? " - In the world you're living in. "If someone buys a t bow they can sell it for whatever they want." - wrong tbows are 1.8-2.1b rn.
  3. Very nice layout of post! Good luck in achieving your goals!
  4. Very nice - I'm looking forward to see more peeps with Inferno capes!
  5. I must agree with Grian. My experience with the staff team comes through the server & Discord. I am really not active enough on Forum to say anything about those two.
  6. My opinion: Life > Distraction >= Echo Hxrdcore >= Baka > V iking >= Kingredarrow > Dragonic706 > Rolex xSynystyr >= Hvr > L > Knetterbal - Would like to see A Tuna become a support, if not mod.
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