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  1. It would replace the Ironman symbol on any mode.
  2. Well instead of an item you can make it an icon next to your name and if you just have to show people that youre an ironman you have the armour for it. That one can be for x5 and have another with an X on it for x10 maybe.
  3. Thanks! Lets go for 4 in a row!
  4. You can also plant a Spirit Tree which will become the fastest way to get there. Actually the Spirit Tree is to getting to a bush patch somewhere else lol my mistake.
  5. Jose

    [VOTM] October Winners

    Thanks for update! Champ checking in.
  6. So we're almost 2 weeks into October and i'm wondering if VOTM is still happening or not because i'm 100% certain I was #1 in September and there has not been a single post on the winners or anything having to do with VOTM. Week 4 waiting for an update on this.
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