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  1. Hello Everyone! I'm SpongeBob and i'm a x5 player. Currently i feel a little sad cause everyone is calling me dumb for being a x5 player... Cause it has no benefits so why even bother... I like to compete in highscores and i love that is already diffrent than the x50's But to show off ingame i'm playing with x5 would be nice if we could get a icon! This gives us at least a little bit of pride for our achievements we made! Thanks for reading! make sure to vote!
  2. I'm not expecting this to be on the server tommorow, but hopefully there will be worked on this suggestion. Instead of working or hard things like raids.. make sure the skills work perfectly or at least most things work. Here is my great suggestion! Bring puro puro to the server Spongebob loves jelly catching!! (puro is almost the same)
  3. Hello everyone! I love the current drop viewer, but it think its missing something! It would be nice if you could type in a certain item and it also shows alls the monsters who drops it.. You type in "Draconic visage" The list of monsters comes aswell whoever drops the item.. This would be nice if you are lurking for a item and you dont know who drops it. you type in, instantly can see ur next target to kill Hopefully this is helpfull for everyone! Please +support! peace
  4. Hello everyone! It would be nice, if yall add the "hand cannon". Normally 'chaos dwarfs' drops cannon shot and the higher leveled ones drop the cannon. This would be a sick weapon for in pvp. and its just a cool looking item! Thanks for reading
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