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  1. you can make it Question: what is the highest rank can you get on Zenyte? Answer: Zenyte
  2. Question: How many pets can you have in OSRS? Answer: 52 Question: What is max level on Zenyte? Answer: 2179 Question: What color is the bloodhound hat from master clues? Answer: Green Question: How many town criers are there in gielinor? Answer: 6 Question: How many Slayer Masters are in Zenyte? Answer: 8 Question: What is the name of the green crystal dropped by Cerberus? Answer: Pegasian or peg Question: What task is only given from Konar quo Maten? Answer: Alchemical hydra or Hydra Question: What is the fairy ring code to get to Miscellania? Answer: CIP Question: What level herblore do you need to make Saradomin brew? Answer: 81 Question: How much can you buy an uncut onyx from the tokkulshop? Answer: 300k
  3. Question: What is the island Bob the cat, teleports you to? Answer: Scaperune
  4. Question: Who is the only NPC to wear an Elysian spirit shield? Answer: Nieve
  5. Question: Once you hit level 99 in a skill, who do you talk to for the cape? Answer: Mac
  6. Qustion: What is the rarest drop from Lizardmen Shaman? Answer: Dragon Warhammer (or DWH)
  7. Question: What level do you have to be to mine for crystal shards? Answer: 94
  8. Question: What boss can be found in the wilderness, but is not considered a wilderness boss? Answer: King Black Dragon (or KBD)
  9. Question: Who is the NPC you first meet, when you start a new account? Answer: Zenyte Guide
  10. Question: What is the highest rank someone can get on Zenyte and how much does it cost? Answer: Zenyte/5000
  11. Question: What is the lowest XP rate you can have on Zenyte? Answer: 5x (or x5)
  12. Question: What Slayer level do you need to fight Cerberus? Answer: 91
  13. Question: What Slayer Master requires you to kill a monster in a certain area? Answer: Konar quo Maten (or Konar)
  14. Question: What is the normal kill count you must have in order to enter a GodWar room? Answer: 40
  15. Question: How many armor sets can you achieve from Barrows chest? Answer: 6
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