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  1. Hello and welcome to Invictus, We are a Pvm & PvP clan, You are not required to do both but if you enjoy both then why not share your experience. We have a diverse community of Pvmers willing to teach others, while this is our main activity we also hold interest in skilling/pvp/pvm. If you are looking to make new friends, learn and explore Invictus is the place for you. There are no set requirements as such, but if you do wish to join the Pvp and Pvm activities discord + a microphone is a priority, this enables us to communicate clearly and effectively while doing team activities. Staff list - Owner: Jason Council: Flipcyde Captaind To join simply send one of the listed staff members a message in-game, to be invited.
  2. Hi all this is extremely simple. Requirements: You need Full guthans Base stats are 70 attack/70 defence A god cape (Saradomin, guthix, zamorak) Steps: 1. Wear your gear. 2. Go to the Zenyte teleport - Training>Bandit camp 3. Run south, towards the bandits enter the western tent / bar 4. Stand Next to the most sothern chair like this - 5. You can stay attacking these for about 16hours, before your guthans degrades. 6. XP a hour depends on stats but average between 1.5m-2.1m an hour. I personally don't condone this as a training method, after discussing it, it was approved to be allowed. P.S Unsure if this is a viable skill/pvm guide if its not please remove.
  3. Oo i've been doing my farm runs so badly! thank you for this!
  4. Username: CaptainD Goals on zentye: Max cape What benefits would you bring to the clan: I have been pking since early 2004. On osrs i have been in some top tier clans from pures/zerkers/max mains. My normal position is a caller for multi wars. I have been a leader of a handful of clans on normal osrs. I dont really participate in clan activities on a rsps so this will all be new to me If i'm allowed to join i cant wait to see the diference in pking on the original game compared to pking on a rsps. I look forwards to pking with you guys.
  5. So far so good, only have around 370 loyalty points, so I’m semi active. Thank you
  6. I best put appear offline on! Ha jks, you’ll definitely see me online, somewhere hiding. Thank you for the positive reply!
  7. When you say bug, do you mean spam? Or just pester? , Thank you !
  8. Thinking about it, I do need a scout.... thanks bro
  9. Good morning / evening everyone! My in-game name is "CaptainD" I try to keep my self to my self. but if you're looking for help i don't mind assisting. I've been in the rsps community since SILAB SOFT My current goals are to max out like the majority of other people, the only part of me that's competitive is the PVP side. I still play a bit of osrs but im mainly a pker in 44s but i do sometimes venture off into the multibot scene / multi pking in revs (If you still play osrs and pk in revs then you probably have met me before ). I mainly tribrid so if there are any clans, i'd be happy to join . Aside from this my rsps history is actually amazing but i wont be sharing or posting links. I work full time have two amazing girls and i guess a amazing wife... ha. See you all in-game! My friends list is currently empty but always down to add people
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