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  1. I have specifically joined this server because of that. It's an emulation of OSRS. No custom garbage, everything acts and is placed where it should be. It even uses the legitimate client, so the frame rate isn't horrible and it's not clunky and gross 317 garbage. This server is actual quality, and if that means things take a long time to come out, it doesn't matter a single bit to me because you know when it comes out - it'll be great.
  2. Hoping for a point increase on the next PC event! Was fun ripping through them!
  3. So I joined the server on July 25th and after basically ghosting for a bit, I'm here to actually introduce myself. My name's Pure and my main is a female 10x standard character. (I have major regrets about not going iron man route). I'm very thankful there are chosen XP rates, as 25x/50x would be much less enjoyable for me personally. In the time since I've joined the server, I've gotten multiple 99s, a crazy amount of XP and have worked my way up the highscores list. (Sitting at #6 as I write this) I have no real goals, besides have fun and do the best that I can with the skills that I have. If I'm having fun doing the skill I'm doing, I bring it to the 99s. If not, I move on and do something more fun instead! Maxing would be cool, but I don't think I have it in me for some skills.... I have never played OSRS before - but I've played a ton of RS from 2003-2008. So this is basically my first OSRS experience, and likewise, my return to RS as a whole. This is honestly the most polished, most complete, satisfying RSPS I've ever played on. Even the smallest things I would not expect to work, work. It's honestly awesome! Thanks for the great server and the friendly people I've met, and I hope to see this server grow and stick around for a long time. Once I get bored, I plan on making a hardcore iron man too! If you're interested in my character progress so far, here's my highscores: https://zenyte.com/hiscores/search/puremin0rez You can view my current ranking in 10x here: https://zenyte.com/hiscores/eco/Overall/regular/10x
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