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  1. Love it boss! keep up the great work!
  2. @glitchI'm getting ready for this Area 51 assault!
  3. Hey Guys! New to this server and semi-new to OSRS. I have spent most of my time on RSC private servers which have at this point just about died. I began playing on regular OSRS 5 months ago and realized how long it was to level up plus the $ or time spent into just to get membership/bonds. Looked into some private servers for OSRS and found this one on one of the ranked websites. Only been playing for about 2-3 days but I have made some good progress thanks to the 50x/25x experience rate. Hope to stay for some time here and max out stats, do some PvM, and hopefully some PvP. Hit me up in game, multiple chars but main one is Z Harambe Z. Thanks!
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