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  1. Cael

    Awards revamp

    Overall image is too big, you need to open image in new window. I know looks blurred here.
  2. I will send a packet of grouped and ordered new awards to @Noele if this suggestion is accepted.
  3. Cael


    Thanks for replies & support
  4. Cael


    Some time ago I initiated the desire to create a unique account on the Zenyte server, which has only 99 def. I spent good hours training at monks at @Monastery. As far as I know from the official Wikipedia of OSRS, the monks heal themselves after a while, and the Zenyte server lacks this function. I think that this is not a bad function when it comes to the possibility of implementing it, it is not botting and certainly does not bring benefits to the player, especially if def pure beats a maximum of 1-2, but helpful alot.
  5. No, It's OSRS based server. If you want goal, just change xp rate game mode.
  6. Let's make some traffic for our Queen @Noele Let's go boys! A simple rules: It is forbidden to send posts with max characters: 1 It is forbidden to send imaginary words (e.g. dksadsa). Spamming several posts in a row is prohibited. Zenyte Rules is part of this topic rules:
  7. Well, you have administrator privileges to change it I guess ;D
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