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  1. The dialogue option is nice. White graceful outfit can be obtained by completion of all diaries maybe?
  2. GRACEFUL OUTFIT IMPROVEMENTS Hello everyone! Let's discuss my suggestion for coloring items from the Graceful outfit set. HOW IT LOOKS? _______________ A player wearing the graceful outfit in the default colours. _______________ A player wearing the graceful outfit in the colours of Arceuus. _______________ A player wearing the graceful outfit in the colours of Port Piscarilius. _______________ A player wearing the graceful outfit in the colours of Lovakengj. _______________ A player wearing the graceful outfit in the colours of Shayzien. _______________ A player wearing the graceful outfit in the colours of Hosidius. _______________ A player wearing the graceful outfit in dark blue from the Brimhaven Agility Arena. _______________ A player wearing the graceful outfit in Osten's colours, requiring 100% favour in all cities to obtain. _______________ MECHANICS? Once players gain 100% favour in a city in Great Kourend, they may recolour their graceful outfits to one of six different colours by talking to Osten in Shayzien. The player can recolour their Graceful outfit to the colours of any of the cities in which they have 100% favour, or a special colour scheme if they have 100% favour in all cities. Since Zenyte does not have Kourend favor at this time, I come with a different mechanic. VOTE STORE The vote store will include several new items, I present them below with prices. The assumption was 12 vote points, but because one dye for one part of the set Graceful outfit will be too expensive so we stay at 7. = Red dye = 7 vote points = Yellow dye = 7 vote points =Green dye = 7 vote points = Blue dye = 7 vote points = Purple dye = 7 vote points = Pink dye = 7 vote points MIXING DYES Players will be able to mix dye's to get different shades. Use dye on item to get: + = + = + = + = + = Use dye on colored graceful item to get: + = + = Speak below what you think about it!
  3. I think this is a good idea, but a lot of "guides" and graphic designs created in topics for the current post background will look uninteresting with a light next to it. inb4 eyes hurt, even if it's good idea I say no.
  4. Cael

    MA2 Mage Arena 2

    The MA2 is not possible due pkers that just waiting on you at certain spots. Definitely good described. Thanks for this ];-)
  5. Thanks J4N5 for another brick to build that Wall
  6. Gratz! Atleast you got bunch of zulrah scales ~ made bank
  7. I don't get it but sure, nice ui.
  8. It can be transparent tho, so people can put that on other forums signatures as advertisement
  9. I hope so, regarding the Zenyte API it can be: "expMode":"FIFTY",
  10. Haha definitely good idea.
  11. You think? I'm glad you think that way. Thanks for the reply, I hope it will be added as well.
  12. Hi, I propose to add your own dynamic forum signatures. I know that it is possible , which is why it gives you such a suggestion If players post that on other forums - extra marketing/advertisement I have PSD of two layouts ;] How is this supposed to work? Simple layouts I made: Thanks to @Jakeyand @splasherfor becoming my nick place holders The Ironman icon on the Jakey signature is to show the possibilities, not necessarily in this case with reality.
  13. Cael

    Services Ziniy's

    Trusted, Big vouch for this dude ;]
  14. All members are welcomed friendly - Otto
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