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  1. Maybe some HP buff? Nothing much powerfull, but something like 105-109 or 110 HP points that lasts longer than a Sara or Anglerfish. The stamina boost is something very nice too.
  2. All the values were just some stipulations and could be adjusted to be more balanced, but i'm happy you liked the idea. Maybe some fix gain? like 1-2 prayer points?
  3. Hello guys, somewhile ago i talked with Yamato69 about construction and he told me that the difficult in putting construction online is about its perks. So i thought about some nice things where would make construction extremely usefull and kinda unique. Before everything i must say that i'm not a native english speaker and i apologize for any gramatical errors that you may find. My first thought was about special portals that you could build to access areas where the fairy ring and the main hub portal don't reach. Some very especific areas that could save some little time for those who are a bit lazy (like me) Examples: Portal to the last floor of the slayer tower. Portal to some farming patches. Portal to Motherlode. Portal to some slayer monsters. Then, came the idea of building God Statues in your home, where you should give offerings to gain bonuses according to the statue(s) you built (i have thought about being able to build one statue at level 40 and another one at level 85). You would need 50-100 offerings to gain a blessing from a statue that would stay with you for (15-30 min?) You can make offerings at somewhere around 30-50 prayer using a holy symbol at bones. (or maybe the gods books to make specific offerings?) Saradomin Statue -> When you die, you keep one extra item (Stacks with Protect Item prayer). Guthix Statue -> Everytime you farm a resource in any way, you have a chance (1-5%) to double it. (earning double the xp maybe? half of it or none). Zamorak Statue -> Damage mobs or players gives you (0.2-0.8%) chance to regain (5-10%) of your missing prayer points. Bandos Statue -> You deal (2-5%) more melee damage to players. (or mobs too?). Armadyl Statue -> You have (0.2-0.4%) chance to double shoot an enemy with a ranged weapon, causing half the damage (This one was a bit tricky and maybe a little op, but sounds... fun?) Zaros Statue -> You have a (0.5-0.8%) chance to not spend runes when casting a spell. After it, i thought about the grind when talking about farming and defeating powerful foes in Glienor and... maybe Constrution could help it? Then, came the idea of the Soul Room, a "late game" room (about level 94-99) where you could use Soul Shards (Every boss should have (0.5-0.8%) chance of dropping one) and gems to have some benefical effects when fighting that boss. You can upgrade the bonus up to tier three, adding new Soul Shards with more powerful gems with it. Soul Shard + Dragonstone -> Tier I Soul Shard + Onyx -> Tier II Soul Shard + Zenyte (Server name, yay! ) -> Tier III The bonuses would be: Tier I -> You deal 5% more damage and reduces the same ammount of incoming damage when fighting that boss. You have (0.05-0.1%) increased loot chance in all tables. Tier II -> You deal 7% more damage and reduces the same ammount of incoming damage when fighting that boss. You have (0.08-0.15%) increased loot chance in all tables. Tier III -> You deal 9% more damage and reduces the same ammount of incoming damage when fighting that boss You have (0.1-0.2%) increased loot chance in all tables. You gain one extra loot. You can only have one boss soul buffed at time, you can dismiss it to buff another boss. So... these were my ideas. Maybe they are op, stupid, weak, idk... i just thought that would be nice to have something that gives us nice bonuses despite potions or equipment, and would certainly tremendously increase the popularity of Construction (#BringHousePartiesBack).
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