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  1. Thank you, I appreciate your reply.
  2. Thank you for the response, I'd like to add however, the first bullet could be used for more implications than just raids. It could be used to host pking tournaments, to host Pvm tournaments, as well as be a beta for content down the road. I appreciate everything everyone has done for the server thus far, and I'm sure more quality is to come, however the playerbase is looking at it as more a joke than something to look forward too.. The beta worlds would give the players the hope they are looking for will retain said players until then. I'd say I've accumulated 30% of my wealth from people quitting and doing drop parties
  3. So, I've been thinking lately about how the server was when I joined and how it has changed since. To my surprise, not much has been done in terms of content; Mobile was a huge release and it definitely was a good move. However, I thought of a few things that may help boost player charisma and motivation. Add a "Beta" World, similar to the tournament worlds on osrs, that is only up during the weekends. This will not only showcase new updates and give the players some promise, but also help weed out bugs as you go through the development process. "But Trey, A tourney world would be full of people just standing around and admiring the spawned gear they have!" Yea, you're right. What could you do to change this? Oh, Easy. A weekly ''bugsplat" event that will reward players for submitting a bug. You'd host the event for a certain update and limit the tourney world to -just- that content. Every legitimate bug found could be posted on a thread for said content, but for a reward. It could something as simple as a few vote tickets, or 5 donator points to be used in the shop. With the forums integrated with ingame usage, you could even add a button for a certain usergroup(admin+) and add a small button that just says 'reward.' Once they click it, it'll add 5 donator points to the users store credit. It'll get players motivated to play the new content and report bugs they find, Just as an example. Even if it captures 20% of the players currently playing, you'd end up with more 'testers' than previous, and honest reviews from some of the most loyal players. I understand you have a QA team. Lets be honest though. I work 55 hours a week, I play games to have fun. I want to help the server grow as much as possible, but I don't want to have to be obliged to commit to a team of individuals, without pay. I feel like this is a direct reason behind the lack of QA tester applications. With this suggestion, you'd be moving through the process of development much quicker than you would with just a few. I think we all agree, the economy is currently f$#@ed. Yea, things are stabilizing, but there's no set price on any skilling supplies, there's hardly a market for anything, and the closest thing you have for a new player to find a price is the zenyte cc, which could or could not be active. How could this be changed? No, no economy resets. Instead, Change the current GE into a more P.O.S oriented hub. Almost the exact same as the ge, but when you search, it shows you the lowest prices available. This will help stabilize prices of everything, as people will sell around what others are selling for. Once the economy gains a grip, reverting back to the GE would not be a problem, but at this time the GE is hurting the economy. I have bought many of items that are thrown in the GE at OSB price, which I could easily turn around and sell for 5-6k more each. This happens because people don't know the price, so they just chuck it in there. Lastly, Clue scrolls. Clue scrolls are needed. Not only do they spice up bossing and slayer tasks, they also introduce rares that are not otherwise accessible. They'll add many new items to achieve on the collection log as well. It adds a secondary grind to the main grind. It's content. Thank you for your time. ~Trey
  4. Username: Trey Playtime: 7d 12h 35m https://gyazo.com/0a70265e385c0fb6e483d28e0631c97e Timezone: EST Discord Tag: Trey#0303 Do you agree to being non-toxic?: Of Course What are your goal(s) on Zenyte?: Maxing, Completing the collection log. Reason for joining?: To learn new bosses and enjoy the game.
  5. Just hit me up through a PM or through discord Thanks everyone
  6. I don't really like talking about myself, However I'll just say the key points. I'm Trey, 25 years of age, and I have been a runescape addict since late 2005 and started with private servers sometime in 2007(You know, back when you typed an IP into mopar's client. Yea, I'm before silab old.) Alongside the interest of private servers, Graphic design also came into my life as a hobby around the same time. I've been doing things of the sort ever since, and just can't seem to get bored. I'm looking forward to big big things from this server, I can sense success.
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