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  1. Great guide, thanks for this!
  2. It's the same as OSRS atm, the rest of the runes are so much quicker to craft, why not increase bloods
  3. Thank you for your feedback, It shouldn't increase the amount coming in by very much because it just reduces the trips to the final altar.
  4. As it stands Dark essence fragments are items created by using a chisel on dark essence blocks, providing 200 Crafting experience per block. Each block will create 4 pieces of essence, which are used to runecraft blood and soul runes. Players cannot hold more than 111 fragments at a time. The fragments cannot be stored in a bank. Dark essence fragments do vanish upon death. My suggestion, Increase the 111 fragment limit, This will NOT increase the amount of blood runes the player crafts it will only increase how many essence the player can physically carry to the altar. My suggestion is 444, (4x the limit meaning the player can mine 8 invents of essence blocks per run instead of 2)
  5. Thanks for this, unfortunately a lot of methods for high ehp aren't working on zenyte such as you can fletch bolts I between attacks and aching cancels attacks.
  6. Wait for the blast furnace or better yet request that, it has a shop with 200 gold ore in stick and that could be increased, I will never support unnatural adding of resources to the game such as more ore nodes
  7. Support, elite diary reward
  8. Harry

    Vote Shop

    Buy herb boxes, vote tickets are un natural
  9. Just a quick one, Why would you want npcs to drop this shit when you're supposed to feel self sufficient and obtain the levels and supplies to make this stuff your self? No support
  10. Harry


    Instructions unclear, I'm still level 1 Fletching
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