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    Fair few mate
  2. 1:1 AHK is bannable on OSRS, - Just incase anyone was thinking of doing this on OSRS. I'm sure it's fine on Zenyte though.
  3. Lmao, thought you would have seen it in time
  4. Username:Harry Discord Tag:Imperium Feram#4148 Timezone?:UK (GMT) Tell us a bit about yourself?:My name is Harry, I'm 20 from the UK. I've played Runescape since 2007 and RSPS since 2009 While I have a steam library of over 250 games - Runescape has always been my favourite. I mainly play an ironman "Computing" which im going for max on but after leaving my main behind for a while, I'm ready to pick it up again and Orion seems the perfect place to join in and have some fun with it. Favorite activity?:Skilling How active are you in-game and forums?:I'm on the forums most of the day, every day. I play anywhere from 5-12 hours a day. If you were referred by someone, who was it?:Chuk
  5. Harry

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    Unidentified herb sir Moar media
  6. Harry

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    Welcome, check back for more media - goal is 1000 medias
  7. I lasted a few minutes over 6 days play time. My rock golem will be forever missed.
  8. Means alot mate, thanks for tuning into my streams too. I see you alot Glad you enjoy.
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