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    Vital OSRS updates, Quality of Life changes, Additional features and Bug Fixes   Hello everyone, After just over a month we've collected many recent vital OSRS updates and implemented them into Zenyte. We also added many requested QoL and bugfixes that will make playing the game much smoother, read the patch notes below for more information.     Below is a full list of everything that is changing with todays update on Zenyte. Features/QoL/Adjustments: A short list of Diary requirements from shortcuts have been removed to match OSRS updates Lava Maze diary requirements removed Lava Dragon Isle diary requirements removed Mos Le’Harmless diary requirements removed Draynor Underground Tunnel diary requirements removed Shilo Village diary requirements removed Brimhaven Dungeon Red Dragon Area diary requirements removed Miscellania Dock to Etceteria diary requirements removed Troll Stronghold Herb Patch diary requirements removed A short list of shortcuts have had their levels adjusted to match OSRS updates Red Dragon Stepping Stones in Brimhaven Dungeon (56 Agility) First Shortcut in Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (Strange Floor 43 Agility) Second Shortcut in Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (Crevice 61 Agility) Shilo Village Stepping Stones (32 Agility) Draynor Agility course changed required level to 1 to match OSRS Changed the Falador Hard Diary requirement to only require the Helmet from the Prospector outfit Gave Coal XP from paydirt to match OSRS Enabled Super Hopper functionality for deposits from upstairs of Motherlode mine Removed the need for seed dibber for all planting Added plant pot to be destroyed when planting trees so you don't receive the empty plant pot anymore Ability to crush Crystal Shards at Zaff at home has been added Ability to crush weapon attachments inside of The Gauntlet has been added Added all OSRS warm items to the Wintertodt item list Added Amylase Crystal Packs to rewards of Brimhaven agility Changed base 1x XP to 750 XP at the Brimhaven agility ticket dispenser for every second pillar you touch to match OSRS Necklace of Faith: Increased Prayer Points on activation from 10% to 25% Items and Prayers have been given Magic damage bonus to match a recent OSRS update Occult Necklace: Magic damage reduced from 10% to 5% Ancestral Robes set pieces: Magic damage per piece increased from 2% to 3% Infinity Robes: Magic damage per piece increased from 0% to 1% Dagon'hai Robes: Magic damage per piece increased from 0% to 1% 3rd Age Mage Armour: Magic damage per piece increased from 0% to 1% Ahrim's Robes: Magic damage per piece increased from 0% to 1% Elder Chaos Druid Robes: Magic damage per piece increased from 0% to 1% Augury: Magic damage while active increased from 0% to 4% Mystic Might: Magic damage while active increased from 0% to 2% Mystic Lore: Magic damage while active increased from 0% to 1% Eternal Boots: Magic damage increased from 0% to 1% Mage's Book: Magic damage increased from 0% to 2% Ancient Wyvern Shield: Magic damage increased from 0% to 2% Malediction Ward: Magic damage increased from 0% to 2% Arcane Spirit Shield: Magic damage increased from 0% to 3% Seers' Ring and Seers' Ring (i): Magic damage increased from 0% to 1% Elite Void Mage Set: Magic damage increased from 2.5% to 5% Reduced Hunllef's attack stats to match the earlier defence reduction update Tome of Fire: Added support for two different boosts in PvP (50%) vs PvM (10%) to match OSRS Applied OSRS update for NPC melee defence adjustments Reduced Ranged defence of some NPCs to somewhat reflect the recent update on OSRS introducing Ranged defence types Applied OSRS update for elemental weaknesses Added all monster examine texts for Elemental weaknesses to match OSRS See the OSRS spreadsheet for defence adjustments and elemental weaknesses here Added all effects for the Ancient warrior weapons to match OSRS Ancient warrior weapons will only be useable in PVP fights and will require charging with 50M coins, the 50M coins is lost upon death even if the weapon is protected Added Elder maul special attack from the latest OSRS update Added Quest cape and hood with full functionality to the Loyalty store Weeds now take longer to regrow Theatre of Blood has been given the Holy ornament kit, the Sanguine ornament kit and the Sanguine dust to its drop table with full weapon functionality and full pet transmog ability to only be obtained by completing a raid without any personal deaths Replaced the old custom 'of the eye' outfit with the real 'of the eye' outfit from OSRS, we kept the custom gloves and you can now recolour the master outfit by the right click swap options The Bounty hunter store has received some new items that were never before obtainable to Zenyte with some long awaited extras Swift blade - Very useful for ToB Guthixian icon - Staff of balance Ornate maul handle - 50% Granite maul spec Statius's warhammer (bh) - PVP only Vesta's longsword (bh) - PVP only Vesta's spear (bh) - PVP only Zuriel's staff (bh) - PVP only Morrigan's throwing axe (bh) - PVP only Morrigan's javelin (bh) - PVP only The many Victor's capes Armadyl halo Bandos halo Seren halo Ancient halo Brassica halo Wilderness crabs teleport Blighted surge sack Blighted ancient ice sack Blighted entangle sack Blighted teleport sack Blighted vengeance sack Blighted karambwan Blighted manta ray Blighted anglerfish Blighted super restore The Swift blade has been added to the vote store Added ability for Ironmen to turn on Accept aid Added ability to separate upgrade items from the upgraded revenant weapons instead of dismantling to 7500 ether We have increased the rate you receive Hespori seeds by 5x and you will now receive two seeds at a time The success rate for pickpocketing Gnomes, Paladins and Heroes has been increased to match OSRS Clue scrolls have been added to pickpocketing Gnomes, Paladins and Heroes to match OSRS The rate of which you receive marks of grace for Pollnivneach, Relleka and Ardougne rooftop agility has been increased to match OSRS The Exp you receive from each Rooftop course per hour has been increased to match a recent OSRS update The rate of which you obtain Clue scrolls geodes across the game while mining has been increased to match a recent OSRS update Alchemical Hydra style changing animation has been added Fixes: You will now only be asked if you are sure you want a Wilderness task from Krystilla for your first task Ironmen should now not null Chambers of xeric drops when their damage is equal Set damage thresholds for Sotetseg to avoid getting maze bugged Numerous fixes for Sotetseg encounter (interaction movement damage) The Dragon claws special attack has been fixed to be more like OSRS You are now able to decant Divine potions Added support for using Cadantine potions (unf) to create Cadantine blood potion (unf) Whiteberry bushes now take around 5 minutes grow each growth stage Disabled going up broken ladders that you cant go back down on inside of Meiyerditch close to the ToB area Swapping the Thammaron's and Accursed sceptres in combat will now stop your combat You can now cast Flames of Zamorak with Thammaron's Sceptre (a) and Accursed sceptre (a) You now lose charges from the Thammaron's Sceptre and Accursed sceptre when using autocast mode Increased wilderness effect to 50% for damage and accuracy for the Accursed and Thammaron's Sceptres to match OSRS Accursed Sceptre will now be recognized as a Zamorak item The Muttadiles will now eat to heal similar to OSRS Casting Vengeance or Thralls will no longer stop your pathing Removed hit delay from Hunllef to match OSRS The small Cave Kraken Attack speed now matches OSRS You can now pickpocket Prifddinas elves for the "pickpocket elves" daily task Ve'tion's and Calvar'ion's Lightning will now strike damage when the animation hits the ground similar to OSRS Fixed typo in the check option on Avarice Amulet The Wilderness Dust devils task will now work as intended You will now not be damaged by step under damage when Xarupus is dead You can now not walk under Sotetseg in Threatre of Blood You can now access to the Sophanem dungeon again Time to use prayers against the Verzik P3 Ranged and Mage auto-attacks are now closer to OSRS      Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, please respond to this post and we will answer them as best we can.  
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