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    Definitely agree on the alch prices suggestions. Those will help stabilize the skilling economy as 1945 can't single handedly use the entire server's supplies. Though I personally disagree with the proposed wildy boss changes. Custom coin drops isn't a great idea in my opinion, but I don't have an alternative off of the top of my head.
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    Name: @Cresinkel Current Position: Junior Moderator New Position: Game Moderator
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    Hello again everyone! Hope 2022 has been treating you well so far! Today isn't a big update, but it will cover some important changes as well as introduce Server Booster perks which will be explained in more detail. Booster Perks Booster Perks are in-game perks similar to donator perks that will reward players that help boost the server by either being a Discord Server Booster, or voting for the server for 7 days. Every unique day that you vote will add to a counter, and on the 7th day of voting you will automatically earn 7 days of Booster Perks along with the booster privilege (adds an icon next to your name in yell). You do NOT need to vote on 7 consecutive days, they just have to be 7 different days total and you are able to miss days without the counter resetting. If you boost the server by becoming a Discord Server Booster, you will be given 30 days of booster perks along with the booster privilege. Reminder: When voting, you must log in to claim your votes for that day to count on your vote counter towards your perks. If you do not claim the votes on that day after voting it will not be able to count towards the boost. Booster perks are available to ironmen as they are in the same category as Donator Perks The booster perks will change approximately every 30 days, eventually becoming a rotation so that the offered perks don't get stale over time. The current perks for the month are: Thieving: Decrease chance to get caught while pickpocketing by 5%. Woodcutting: Decrease chance of a tree being felled by an action (excludes single action trees). Fishing: Gain a 5% chance to catch an extra fish while fishing with no extra xp. Slayer: Increase the chance at encountering a superior creature by 5%. Crafting: 5% chance to skip a tick while crafting certain items. (Works on: Battlestaves, Glassblowing, Leather crafting, molten glass, and spinning) Herbolore: 5% chance to make a 4-dose potion instead of a 3-dose one. Cooking: Slightly lower the chance to burn food while cooking. (Stacks with other cooking-related boosts such as hosidius ovens) Smithing: 5% chance to save a bar while Smithing. Runecraft: 5% chance to gain extra runes up to the amount crafted with no extra xp. Farming: 5% chance per harvest to gain an extra product. Agility: 5% chance to find an extra Mark of grace. Other Changes: Made Craw's Bow, Bow of Faerdinhen, Viggora's Chainmace, Thammaron's Sceptre, and all Rune Essence pouches become kept items as long as you don't die a PvP death. Fixed a typo with a broadcast for GWD toggles for events Added more crystal tree spawns around Tirannwyn Fixed an erroneous map change north of Zulandra Removed the Christmas Event Renamed Twisted graceful dye to Trailblazer graceful dye Added the ability to check your remaining perk boosts using the Book of Boosts which is obtained automatically when you obtain booster status. Added the ability for there to be up to 4 trivia winners per round instead of just 2. Added Tome of Experience to the Loyalty Shop for 250 loyalty points each. Each tome will grant 5 minutes of Personal Bonus Experience Doubled the base amount of loyalty points earned every 30 minutes from 10 to 20. Fixed a duplicate crystal tree spawn north of Tyrus Camp Cerberus will now be vulnerable to the effects of demonbane weapons Fixed a stall associated with the achievement diary cape animation Fixed the Wilderness Chaos Altar and Wilderness Resource Area teleport scrolls to be usable to unlock the corresponding teleports in the Zenyte Portal Added the ability to see your current vote counter when using the ::claim option after voting. The timer for unique daily votes resets at 00:00 server time
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    I've been seeing lots of people discuss and complain about lower tier items not having enough demand & certain supplies that can't be sold which is why I've been thinking about these issues and I have an idea how to solve this issue but also get two birds with one stone by getting a better cash flow into the game that will stabilize the economy in the longer run: As we all know RSPS & OSRS can't really be compared with each other due to different xp rates & drop rates which creates different kind of supply & demand compared to OSRS but that doesn't mean we can't have a balanced & healthy economy. We could have more money going around in the economy but holding cash is the smartest thing to do 90% of the time due to constant double donations, double drops & mass events that require 0 kc for gwd where spawn timers are lowered by 90% as well that gives artificial supply of items into the economy which ends up killing the real demand which leads to the items crashing in price due to 5 players selling the same item while nobody wants to or even needs to buy it. So I suggest that from now on we do this to STABILIZE the economy: 1) Stop double donations, maybe do it once or twice a year. We could have 25% or 50% donation boost every now and then which would stabilize things. 2) Stop double drops, maybe do it once or twice a year. Certain items & supplies could be exceptions if there's an increased demand due to an update or some other reason. For example Zulrah scales, abyssal whips (thinking about TOB tent charges) & maybe if we have an increased player amount and there's suddenly a bigger demand for COX prayer scrolls they could be doubled if it can be justified in a proper way. ^ Having double drops makes people very active for those events but ends up killing the fun in general in the long run because people make way more money & end up achieving what they want faster than normally and have less stuff to do in-game which leads to boredom and players being inactive or even worse gambling/quitting. People get too spoiled & used to everything being doubled so when drops are normal again they just afk and don't play the game because they can just wait for the next double event. Just let the economy be the way it is in terms of items, getting artificially involved won't do any good for the economy, especially not in the long run. If there's a demand for something the price will go up meaning that specific boss gives better gp/hour than before which will lead people to that place to supply the demand until the price does go down in a natural way. This will be much healthier for the economy. So I suggest that we do the following changes to SUPPORT the economy: (At least temporarily) & keeping tracking the data and then adjust things if necessary Certain things have absolutely no demand or then the demand is so small that people are desperate enough to sell the stuff for any amount just as long as it sells. We need a high alch price or wilderness shop paying these amounts for the following things: Dragonstone bolt tips: 250 each Yew logs: 200 each Magic logs: 500 each Revenant ether: 200 each Yew seed: 50k each Magic seed: 100k each Palm seed: 75k each Dragonfruit seed: 150k each Mahogany plank: 1000 each Uncut onyx/Onyx/Amulet of fury: 1m Dragon boots: 300k Dragon pickaxe: 2m Arcane scroll: 10m Dex scroll: 20m (I may have more items & supplies on my mind but this is dipping my toe in the water to test and see opinions before I potentially make a longer list) This will also help the economy: 1) Callisto, venenatis & vet'ion should have a guaranteed 100k coins drop each kill. 2) Revenants need to have DOUBLED Dragon & Rune items like OSRS + we could make the exchangeable & high alchable emblems slightly more common drop. 3) Add Wilderness caskets (obtainable only from wilderness slayer) and they would work the following way or something similar: Introduction: 3 different tiers (1,2,3) they are tradable + stackable in the inventory & dropped on death to the player who kills them. A) Tier 1: Random 50-100k coins on open (Ruby rank get 5% boost, Dstone 10%, Onyx 15%, Zenyte 20%) obtained from slayer monsters: EVERYWHERE (1/20 chance) B) Tier 2: Random 125-150k coins on open (Ruby rank get 5% boost, Dstone 10%, Onyx 15%, Zenyte 20%) obtained from slayer monsters: +20 deep (1/30 chance) C) Tier 3: Random 150-200k coins on open (Ruby rank get 5% boost, Dstone 10%, Onyx 15%, Zenyte 20%) obtained from slayer monsters: +30 deep (1/50 chance) If all of the boost %, wilderness level restrictions etc can't be done or if it's too difficult I can suggest a more simple idea but this was simply to give an example of what I had in my mind. Deeper wilderness = better caskets (risk = reward) which is the whole idea of wilderness no matter what you do there. Those drop rates & amounts of money were simple examples, they don't necessarily need to be that "high" but it's only to give an example. Those donator rank boosts aren't a must do thing but just an idea as well. Finally we need to make RESOURCE AREA & ROGUES CASTLE THIEVING much more profitable. They are 100% dead content right now. You'll make more money almost anywhere in the game meanwhile having 0 risk of losing your money that you've made. That's only risk but 0 reward right now. Thoughts?
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