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    The Management and Staff Team would like to let you know that your suggestions on the forums, in-game and on discord have not fallen on deaf ears. We have decided to write up a Development Blog focused around your suggestions specifically and we will title this the quality of life update for the summer. This will be a continuous project that will be worked on along with our major content release planned for this summer. We will be updating this thread periodically as new suggestions come in to show transparency with our progress. Any questions or concerns can be directed at a member of the Management Team. Current Progress: Red - Not started Yellow - Incomplete Green - Complete Stores: Add barb-tailed harpoon to the skilling store (Jackie) at home Increase the stock of hops and seeds at Olivia's Seed store in Draynor Add a bag of gems to the Mineral Exchange shop in the Mining Guild Add soft clay packs to the Mineral Exchange shop in the Mining Guild Add dragon arrows to the Bounty Hunter Shop in Edgeville Increase the stock of death runes from Thyria's Rune Shop from 150 to 250 Remove one of the Cruciferious Codex from the Diango Toy Store Reduce the price of the master wand from 35M to 15M in the Bounty Hunter Shop Increase the stock of Karambawn from 10 to 100 in the Tiadeche's Karambwan Stall Shop Adjust the price of the Magic Secaterus from 10 vote points to 3 vote points in the Vote Shop Add the correct runes and rune amounts to the Mage of Zamorak located in the wilderness Add a law talisman to the skilling store (Jackie) at home Add Warrens Fish Monger and Warrens General Store to Zeah Add the hunter's crossbow to the Hunter Shop in Yanille Add the ability to obtain a mystery box from the voting store at higher cost for exclusive f2p players Add the MSB (I) scroll to the Vote Store for non-pkers or HCIM Drops: Adjust the Swamp Crabs to drop noted Fungi more often in a amount of 3 to 7. Add additional chances to obtain teeth halves and loop halves of crystal keys to multiple npcs. Adjust the chances of obtaining a unique drop from the Corporal Beast Adjust the Bronze Dragon drop table to reflect OSRS Increase the drop rate of burnt pages from Wintertodt Adjust the Cave Crawler drop table to reflect OSRS Adjust the drop rate on the Imbued Heart Other: Add ;;yell for donators instead of strictly ::yell Add the ability for statius warhammer to be used on the bandos door Add unique chests on the roof of the Achievement Hall for medium level players Fix the mining glove passive effect in the Expert and Superior Mining Gloves. Adjust the pipes inside of the Brimhaven dungeon to make them work correctly. Adjust the mechanic on the Elidinis Statuette to also cure Venom Adjust the ::rules command to link to the correct section Change the Server Support on ::staff or ::onlinestaff to reflect Junior Moderator Adjust the rewards from Mystery Boxes to reflect changes in the donator store Buffing the rewards from the Crystal Chest Increase the alchemy value on medium tier items by a slight margin Move the icon items from the cape slot to the arrow slot Brainstorming Stage: Ability to add a Global Chambers of Xeric bonus similar to Bonus XP Changes to the Loyalty Point System Adjusting the rewards from voting Forums Updates: (You can read more about this by clicking here) Added new ways to reach our social medias such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Reworked the colors on the Forum Moderator badge. Reworked the Server Support badge which is now used by the Junior Moderators. Added 200 more levels of reputation; It goes up to 900 reputations. Added Karil, 3rd Age Range & 3rd Age Druidic. Added a new group called ''Legendary Members''. They are hand-picked by the Management Team. Fixed the order badges are shown on the forum. They should be ordered by their ''prestige'' rather than the name (A-Z). Added the option to justify text in the toolbar. Fixed unnecessary spaces & a wrong reason (upon awarded) for the ''Treasure Hunter'' achievement. Moved few medals to the achievements; gray awards go to achievement. Added the following achievements: All I See Is Green (1000 reputations). Forum Worm (35 days on the forum). Collector (completed every achievement diary). Zenyte Fixed the logo on mobile on both the landing page as well as anywhere (forum.zenyte.com/forum/XX). Added the ''Join our Discord'' button under the countdown. Remove the unnecessary shadow of the .countdown-discord+hover buttons. Added a new widget called ''Youtube Highlights'' on the side of the forum. It should be responsive on all themes. Zenyte Remastered Fixed numerous #FFFFFF backgrounds (unread contents, profile, achievements, clubs, etc.). Fixed numerous conflicts between the colours and the forum. Fixed an issue where ranks would overlap on profile. Fixed the way members are displayed in the ''Staff Online'' widget (thanks to Shark & Erza). Reworked the header along with the menu to make it more appealing upon loading the forum. Reworked the lazy-loading. Reduced the size of the forum by 5%. Reduced the size of all ranks (members, donators, and staff members) by 15%. Added Font Awesome icons to the forum. Added the ''Link My Account'' In the profile menu. Added a new widget called ''Youtube Highlights'' on the side of the forum. It should be responsive on all themes. I lost count at this point, sorry.
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    January Patch 2021 Ancient Warrior's Equipment Wilderness Slayer The Ancient Warrior's Equipment (PVP Armors) can be obtained by wilderness slayer. However it is important to note that this armor will only be dropped by NPCs with a combat level of 70+. You will receive both a game message and a global broadcast of the drop. Wilderness Bosses The Wilderness Bosses (Scorpia, Callisto, Venenatis, Vet'ion) will have the Ancient Warrior's Equipment (PVP Armors) added to their drop table. The drop chances are weighed based upon the type for example weapons will be rarer then armor and armor will be rarer then throwing axes or javelins. You will also have a slight buff in drop chance if you are currently on task for a wilderness boss. ulcU2QpeT0.mp4 lCyQ9NWh6v.mp4 lCyQ9NWh6v.mp4 lCyQ9NWh6v.mp4 yYVYLhVSjP.mp4 zE4eWBM0MM.mp4 Clue Hunter Outfit Obtaining the Clue Hunter Outfit The Clue hunter outfit which was originally added to OSRS around the Summer of 2016 during the "Crack the clue!" Event has finally been added to Zenyte. You will be able to obtain this outfit by digging at the specific location(s) that were discovered during this event. A guide on how to obtain all items can be found here. Warm Clothing The Clue hunter outfit is best known for the effect of being warm clothing for Wintertodt. You will be able to obtain 6 pieces of warm clothing in the matter of 10 to 15 minutes after creating a new ironman account for example which is currently a pain in the rear for a lack of a better term with the lack of warm clothing available to fresh accounts. Twisted Ancestral Robes The Twisted Ancestral Color Kit The Twisted Ancestral Color Kit can be obtained by completing a raid at the rate of 1/125. You will have the ability to use this coloring kit on one piece of Ancestral Armor turning it into Twisted Ancestral. It is important to note this will only effect 1 piece of armor at a time so you will need at least 3 coloring kits to make a full set of Twisted Ancestral. Death Mechanics & Dismantling During a PVP situation in which Twisted Ancestral is risked if dropped the Ancestral will turn into regular Ancestral along with 80k coins to represent the Twisted Color Kit. During a non-wilderness death the Twisted Ancestral will be kept in tact and will be handled as a standard death drop. You will also be able to dismantle the robes and receive both a regular piece of ancestral and the coloring kit. dCJ3bP3AiG.mp4 dCJ3bP3AiG.mp4 Other updates and changes for January Patch: You will now be able to obtain a Abyssal Bludgeon parts from Abyssal Demons and combine them together to make a Abyssal Bludgeon. Abyssal Area (ALR) has been added in-game and can now be accessed by the fairy rings. The Draynor wine stall now gives the correct items when thieved. The God Wars Door entry fee for Zenyte Donators has been corrected to 10. If you have coins inside of a death storage for example Vorkath you will now be able to pay for your items with those coins. Wilderness bosses will now have the correct paired drops for example Venenatis has super restores and crabs dropped together. You will now be able to drink the tea that is sold by the Varrock Shop instead of just the one stolen. You can now use Ogre coffin keys on the chest in order to receive a random loot. You can no longer turn a jug of water into a jug of wine after you drink it. 3rd age armor now requires the correct stats in order to wear the items. mutated bloodvelds will now drop bloods in a stack of 7 and 30 instead of a random amount between 7 and 30. A meat pie will now function as a standard pie when consumed & will no longer give you a pie dish after eating only half of a meat pie. The Team X Cape can now be stored in the Treasure Trail Chest. NPCs at the Farming Guild now have the correct description when you examine them. You will now be able to purchase a pack of buckets from the General Store for the price of 200 coins. Scavengers will now drop a lockpick at a rate of 1/9. Goldsmithing Gauntlets are now inside of the Treasure Trail Chest. Enhanced Ice Gloves are now inside of the Treasure Trail Chest. Player hits should no longer come through once the player who deployed the hit dies. We now prioritize Byrophyta's staff charges over runes in a rune pouch or in the player's inventory. When you put 10 cabbages into a sack, they don't magically transmog into potatoes. Presets in your bank should now be fixed and no longer unorganized your entire bank. The issues and delay with entering and leaving Tears of Guthix has been corrected. You should no longer be able to leave Tears of Guthix with the bowl equipped. Interfaces for Tears of Guthix have been patched and should close smoothly. A place holder has been added to the Dragonfire Shield (DFS). The Skeleton outfit can now be stored in the magic storage unit. If a player infuses the ranging cape or the max cape with a assembler both capes will have that effect. A Scythe now has the proper animations assigned. A Night beast will now only use the magic attack on the first hit and when the target is out of melee. You will now be able to filter Callisto's attack messages using the game filter option. A charged infernal pickaxe or charged axe will take priority over uncharged if you are carrying both. The fishing guild door is no longer bugged and will allow you to smoothly walk through without the need to spam click. A placeholder has been added for the ancient wyvern shield. There has been some tweaks to the current prayer system to fix minor prayer delay issues.
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