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    So basically i've been locked out of 07 for the past 3~ months due to a login limit attack by a rival clan.. This morning i woke to a discord invite and acceptance into the steam beta logged at 6:30am ~ saw some of the boys were afk killing corp so i rolled up for (1) kill.. Easiest 250m split ive made since being back.
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    Hello Community Members, I would like to offer a free service for for our player base. I will be willing to do 1 kill count of Zulrah for your Western Providence Hard Diary and 1 kill count of Jad for your Fire Cape. There is not a lot of terms and conditions however it is important to note this will be on a "my schedule" basis and I will contact you directly on discord to complete your service. I will also check your account stats and equipment prior to offering my services and we can discuss that in our DMs. If you are interested please respond to this thread and make sure you are active on our discord server! Sincerely, Matt
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    Add spices or spice packs to vote/loyalty shop for boostable stats with stews pls
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