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    I have intentionally not followed OSRS in the regards of deaths. OSRS is legitimately zero risk in anything you do, which is harmful for the economy as well as the items you get from these activities. The risk factor makes it all the more fun too. I do not have any intentions of changing the death mechanics drastically as it stands, and I'm not sure if I'll even change it upon revision upgrade - if we do, we'll likely keep some risk factor around. I'm positive OSRS would've had some risk factor as well to this day if they hadn't been forced to change the timers to an hour long back in 2015, when the servers were under constant attacks. That has obviously been resolved to some extent but once you provide people with something, it's rather difficult to take it away from them. OSRS is simply cornered to keeping deaths relatively safe.
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    Hey everyone, just dropping by with a quick update. Posted some media on the progress that has been made on Xarpus Some more progress has also been made on Sotetseg so will be updating that soon.
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    **Please bear with us while we build the thread up, such as areas like meet the team. WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL THREAD FOR XP HUB! <Awaiting graphics to be made> What is EXP HUB? We're a dedicated group of skilling based players, focusing on the unique side of accounts. We're made up of level 3 skillers and unique accounts, such as 10hp hardcore irons. We offer a highly competitive yet helpful community. Although we like to encourage unique accounts, anyone is welcome! There are currently not requirements. What Is our CC name and do we have a Discord? Meet the team Ranking System General Clan Rules Group Ironman + Rules Team One - Group Ironman Media Team Two - Group Ironman Media General Clan Media
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    Source: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Limpwurt_root#Farming
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    Instances have a reclaim feature when you die.
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    Ingame name: corey20 Time Zone: GMT +1 Team you apply for: Casual Gear "screenshot" if applying for pvm team: - Past experience pvm/skilling: played a lot of other servers and maxed. Do you Accept the rules?: Yes
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    Thanks for your suggestion!
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    Hey Monk, really cool concept. However I feel like this item is going to be quite useless. Feel like it should be more than just a fury amulet, nobody is gonna waste a zenyte shard on an amulet with the same stats as a fury, when they could be making an annguish/torture/ring of suffering. And making you skulled when its obtained is only going to make it worse. Don't think this item will fit in. I do respect you for taking the time and coming up with this idea.
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