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    Magic storage unit A magic storage unit has been placed in the achievement hall in Edgeville. All players may use this feature after they have unlocked the lid, costing them either 1,000,000 coins if they're an ultimate ironman, or 2,500,000 coins if not as a one time fee. Upon unlocking the storage unit, players get access to all of the contents of the storage unit, and may deposit and withdraw items from it at any time. Players may deposit items in the chest by using the item on the chest itself. If the player is attempting to place a full set in the chest but does not have all the necessary pieces of the set, they will be informed about the pieces they are missing. In the case of obscure items such as platelegs or plateskirt, the player only needs to have one or the other for it to count towards the completed set. If the player wishes, they may add both the plateskirt as well as the platelegs together in the chest, if they have both in inventory at the time of depositing it. If not, only the piece they are carrying will be deposited. Once Construction releases in the future, players will no longer be able to deposit items in the magic storage unit. You will still be able to withdraw whatever you placed in the storage unit beforehand, for free. Once the last item has been reclaimed from the storage unit, you will be returned the initial fee you paid to unlock the unit(if you were an UIM but no longer are, you will still only receive 1,000,000 coins back as a refund), and the storage unit will vanish for you. Below in the spoilers are lists of all the items and item sets you can add in each of the storage unit categories. Structure of the spoilers Name of the entry on the interface: Each individual piece that makes up the entry (Note: If there are multiple pieces on a line, it means just one of any of the items is needed to fulfill the requirement - multiple will be used if applicable) Armour case Cape rack Toy box Treasure chest Magic wardrobe Fancy dress box Presets Presets are a way to quickly load the equipment and inventory layout you need for your activities. In order to get started with presets, visit any bank across Zenyte - you'll notice a small button at the top left corner of your bank. This will open up the preset manager window for you. Alternatively, you can quickly access presets by right-clicking the bankers at home. The right-click preset option on bankers is limited to Edgeville only though. Preset features and information: Each player has by default two preset slots unlocked. Non-members may purchase up to three more preset slots. Members will be able to purchase a total of 8 + rank id(sapphire is 1, zenyte is 7, interpolate). So for non-members, the maximum unlockable presets amount is 5, whereas for members, it ranges from 11 to 17. If you downgrade your member rank and have more presets than what your new rank total would allow, the overflown presets will be blacked out. You can't load these presets or move them on the preset list - the only real options are to delete it, or regain the rank to use it again. Each preset unlock for members and non-members alike costs 5 vote points. Ruby members and above are able to link any spellbook to their preset; the spellbook then gets loaded when the user loads the preset. You do not have to select a spellbook though - you can deselect it simply by clicking on the selected spellbook. In addition to the equipment and inventory being saved in presets, your rune pouches contents are too. This is an exception we have made as lots of people tend to bring rune pouches with them to save space. You can view the contents of the rune pouch in your preset by examining it within the preset inventory. Players are able to mark a default preset for themselves. This is marked by the icon next to the name. Whenever you open the preset manager, the default preset will immediately be loaded up, allowing quicker gear load times. You may toggle the set-placeholders setting directly on your interface - this lets you keep the placeholders in your bank when the preset loads your items on you. This setting directly links to the one in your bank - so changing it here also changes it in your bank, and vice versa. Players can rearrange the contents of the inventory of the preset as they would in their normal inventory - this is immediately saved as you drag an item over to another slot, allowing you to skip the hassle of making another preset due to the situation with the inventory. Preset names can be up to 42 characters long, and each word in the preset can be up to 14 characters long. These are rough limitations to ensure the name of the preset doesn't look too awkward on the preset list. Your preset name can contain most symbols, all numbers and all normal letters. We have filtered out certain special character symbols for obvious reasons. Preset position in the list can be altered by using the arrow buttons near the category name. Clicking the up or down arrow will move the currently selected preset in the respective direction on the list. You will find filterable chat messages upon loading a preset, indicating the status of the preset load in either green, yellow or red colours. Green indicates the preset was loaded successfully with no problems, yellow indicates you may not have had enough of an item in your bank to fully load the preset, or that an alternative item was loaded in place of something. Red indicates you are missing a certain item, or you didn't have enough space in your bank to deposit it before it loaded the preset on you. Items with attributes or charges will be loaded in a special manner. If you saved a preset with say Dharok's helm(fully charged, undamaged), but you no longer have a pristine Dharok's helm in your bank and instead have say Dharok's helm (25) & Dharok's helm (50), it will choose the best possible match, closest to your original preset configuration. In the given example, it would use the Dharok's helm (50) in place of it, as it is closer to the pristine helmet than the 25 version is. Yanille dungeon The balancing ledge can now be crossed at level 40 Agility. The dungeon pipe can now be entered at level 49 Agility. The monkey bars may now be crossed at level 57 Agility. The rubble and dungeons to access Salarin the Twisted can now be climbed at level 67 Agility. The door from Yanille's side of the dungeon can now only be accessed with level 82 Thieving, with a lockpick. Note: The chance of failing the lockpick is extremely high even at level 99 Thieving) The sinister chest can now be opened to receive 3x Grimy ranarr weed, 2x Grimy harralander, 1x Grimy irit leaf, 1x Grimy avantoe, 1x Grimy kwuarm and 1x Grimy torstol, assuming the player has a sinister key with them. Note: Make sure to bring some poison protection, as the chest will poison you upon opening if you do not have any. Salarin the Twisted may now be slain with wind, water, earth or fire strike. Any other spell or weapon will not deal damage. The strike spells aforementioned will deal base maximum damage of the spell with every successful hit. Salarin will frequently drop the sinister key, used to access the sinister chest on the other side of the dungeon. Tears of Guthix Tears of Guthix is a short minigame located in the Chasm of Tears, guarded by the serpent Juna, playable once a week. It grants a reward of experience points in the player's lowest skill each time it is played. Players must collect as many blue tears flowing from the walls as they can within the time limit, while avoiding the green tears, as they decrease the number of blue tears the player has collected. The time limit a player has depends on their total level which is a base time limit of 50 game ticks plus an extra tick for every 10 total levels a player has. This means a player with a total level of 200 would have 70 game ticks, an equivalent of 42 seconds, to collect the tears. Each tier of membership give an extra 5 seconds of time inside the cave. Players can speak to Juna to toggle whether or not to receive a daily chatbox message telling them they are eligible as soon as they become eligible. To teleport directly to Tears of Guthix, players may use a games necklace. Bugfixes & Miscellaneous Changes Xeric's talismans uncharge option now works properly. Depositing noted items into looting bag will no longer deposit unnoted items as well and vice versa. Essence implings can now be caught in Puro-Puro. Toggling the "check combat level when obtaining a slayer assignment" option at slayer masters now works outside of Turael too. Previously, despite the masters offering this option, it would only really work if done at Turael. Ring of wealth currency collection option has been slightly updated. There was an inconsistency between what the dialogue told you - it would flip the conditions between when you toggle it from inventory and when you do so from the equipment interface. North-western Port Phasmatys allotment patch as well as Entrana hops patch can now be protected by paying the gardener. Jellies, fossil island wyverns and mutated zygomites are now tracked by the slayer collection log. They would previously appear on the log but you would not see an increase in the killcount upon killing them. As such, everyone will have 0 as the killcount for these after the update, as it was never truly tracked.
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    I believe that it would be cool to have capes in game that you can only buy when you have 200m in a skill. I know on osrs they don't exist because 200m xp isn't intended to be a goal you work towards for completionist or something, but on this server, with the faster xp rates, 200m's are very much achievable. Regular 99 capes are barely any achievement at all, regardless of the xp mode, so I feel like 200m capes would be able to come to be regarded similarly to how 99 capes are on osrs. They wouldn't have to be anything outlandish, maybe just a fancier or different colored trim around the edges of the normal skillcapes (kinda like the difference between a trimmed and untrimmed skillcape?) or something like that. I'm no designer so I don't really have any input as to what it would actually look like, but I think the idea is something that a lot of people could get behind. Also I wanna flex my 200m woodchop on a x5 acc
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    After speaking with the Development Team they didn't want to add a 200m Skillcape per skill however there was an interest in a 200m max skillcape. Would this be something of interest?
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    The Development and Management Team has went ahead and approved this suggestion. Thank you for taking the time to forward it! (Reference #1295)
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