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    New Items Sherlock's notes Sherlock's notes are a tradeable item which can be used on any clue scroll to advance one stage, regardless of whether you have the requirements or items needed to complete that stage. Sherlock's notes can be bought from our vote store for 1 vote point each, or from the donator store on our website in two different packages - one being 10 notes for 35 credits, and the other being 100 notes for 300 credits. Tome of experience Tome of experience is an untradeable item which allows the user to gain 5 minutes of 50% bonus experience per tome. The tomes will stack by the time duration, so if you redeem two of them, you'll have 10 minutes of 50% bonus experience. The bonus experience will not stack with the global bonus experience that we enable from time to time. If you have active bonus experience from the tome when we enable the global bonus experience, your private bonus experience will freeze at that time. The timer will tick down whenever you're online, and global bonus experience isn't enabled. The timer cannot be manually stopped by the user, so only redeem as many as you really need to avoid the experience waste. Tome of experience can be bought from our vote store for 1 vote point each. Creature Creation Creature Creation is a minigame that involves creating unique hybrid monsters and killing them for their drops. It can be found in the basement of the Tower of Life. Some of the monsters drop multiples of items that are otherwise hard to get or expensive to purchase, such as Unicorn horns, which are used to make Unicorn horn dust for Herblore. Players who have completed tiers of the Ardougne diary will receive these drops in noted form. Some of the monsters are dangerous, so bringing food may be advised. Sandstorm The Sandstorm is a grinder found west of the quarry, operated by Drew, which grinds sandstone into buckets of sand. To use this machine, players must deposit empty buckets (notes are accepted) with Drew, and must load the machine with sandstone, with heavier pieces of sandstone resulting in more buckets being filled with sand. They can then claim noted buckets of sand from Drew for 50 coins each. Drew can hold up to 25,000 empty buckets for a player and the machine can store up to 25,000 buckets worth of sand. Donator benefits Sapphire members+ will now see a "Remove-skull" option on the restoration box at home. This allows them to remove their PvP skull at any given time. There is no cooldown to using this feature. Sapphire members+ will now be able to automatically collect any marks of grace they find during rooftop agility if they have a ring of wealth worn with the currency collection option enabled. Emerald members+ will now have a 25% chance of getting the option to be sent directly to the center room of Barrows when finding the hidden passage on a sarcophagus. When this occurs, they will be met with a three-option dialogue, instead of the default two options one. The option to take you directly to the chest room will be first in the dialogue; the other two have been shifted down. Dragonstone members+ will be able to insure their pets for free at Probita after they've insured at least two pets with her. Onyx members+ will be able to freely enter the Wilderness resource area even if they do not have the elite Wilderness diary completed. Bugfixes Players can now use grimy herbs on a vial with herblore cape equipped to create the corresponding unfinished potion. Coal bag empty option now functions as intended with bank deposit interface open. Crafting jewellery speed has been increased by two ticks. Creating stamina potions now shows correct potion on creation dialogue. Ranging guild turret ladder no longer causes no-clipping. Sophanem temple ladders now take you to correct destination. Iron dragons at the Catacombs of Kourend now have an attack speed of 4 ticks instead of 6 ticks. Players can now ask Guildmaster Jane how much contracts they've completed (this won't include any contracts completed prior to update). Rubber chicken whack option as well as emote now functioning. Creating anti-venom+ is now only possible with 4 dose potions. Players can now search sack near mage arena for a knife. Rune pouch empty option while bank open no longer deposits runes into bank but into inventory. Fairy Ring to leave Zanaris now checks for Elite Diary completion. 10 warrior guild tokens are now removed on entering a cyclops area as well as 10 per minute inside. Chopping trees with a boost will now check for players level every iteration versus one time on start. Players can no longer harvest multiple scarecrow by using rakes. Falador shield now has proper messages for checking charges left. Harmony island can now be found in Skilling category in the portal at home. Explorer's ring alchemy function no longer lets you use alchemy for free with no charges left. Toktz-xil-ek and Tzhaar-ket-em now have proper attack styles as well as animations. Meat cleaver now has correct attack style and animations. Wilderness course plank works again, after having accidentally broken it with the last update. The shortcut on troll stronghold mountain that requires 47 agility now gives 8 xp. Helemos and his store now implemented on the second floor of Heroes guild. Martin Thwait's lost and found shop implemented - players can sell items to him at the high alchemy prices. Ghorrock teleport location updated on the ancient spellbook. Shops are now duplicated across the game. Instead of there being one stock of regular and ironman shop each, there are now five different versions of each of these. Each player has access to a unique slot out of these five variations - the slot will never change for an account. This helps better spread out the stock amongst our player base due to the lack of extra worlds. Dragon hasta's special attack implemented. 'Reptile freezer' slayer unlock now only works if the user is carrying an ice cooler - and deletes it in the process of use through automation. Removed all the "suspicious water" creature spawns across the dagannoth king islands. Creatures can no longer damage you as walk you towards them but behind an obstacle. This glitch was specific to walking behind an obstacle that was one game tile away from the creature(for some reason, code added +1 tile to maximum distance if the target was moving). Players can now place a cannon in the waterbirth dungeon - just not in the areas filled with dagannoth kings. Uri can no longer spawn outside of the clue scroll's polygon boundaries. Players can now read a daily board on the northern wall of the general store at home, which lets them see how long until the next daily limits reset occurs, and what limits they have at any given time. This board includes things like Zulrah resurrections, spellbook swaps, many of the achievement diary teleports and more. Daily limits are now synchronized to server clock. In addition to this, as soon as the clock hits 00:00, everyone online will receive a message about their daily limits having reset. You no longer need to relog to get them reset. Cerberus should no longer glitch out upon death and not give you loot from certain points of the area. Bush patches will now regain fruit over time if left alone, assuming it's not at full capacity. If you have a bush patch available right now and it is completely empty, you will need to clear the patch out and re-plant it. It'll only work if you remove some berries off the patch after this update. Dark essence block chiseling is now an automated process if one wishes to AFK. Simply craft one block, and you'll continue to do so every few game ticks until you run out of blocks, or are at full capacity in the fragments. You can interrupt this simply by walking away. Infernal tools rewritten: The tool creation was rewritten so that you can now also charge infernal equipment that's ran out of charges. The dialogues and sound effects were all replicated. When the infernal tool incinerates something, a local sound effect is now sent. On top of incinerating logs, the smoke graphics is now also sent for incinerating fish and ore. The experience received for incinerating logs has been halved, to match RS. The experience received for incinerating bars has been hard-coded with specific values, to match RS. Incinerating ore no longer gives you a full bar back. The check-charges messages for infernal tools made to replicate RS. Media
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    Thank you for hosting this giveaway @Fawk, its nice to see people being generous and hosting events of this kind. Best of luck the everybody participating!
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    Medals awarded, congrats!
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    Winners 1 - Fawk 2 - Megatron 3 - Fawk
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    Here is my guide for Crazy Archaeologist! I hope you enjoy it!
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    Great guide, keep up the good work Looking forward to watch more videos from you!
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    Another well made guide i must say, really easy to follow and im sure this will help people unfamiliar with the crazy archaeologist. Great job yet [email protected]
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