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    Total of each clue scroll completed: Beginner clue scrolls: 1,596 Easy clue scrolls: 4,636 Medium clue scrolls: 10,533 Hard clue scrolls: 6,651 Elite clue scrolls: 1,061 Master clue scrolls: 444 Top 10 most clue scrolls completed Beginner @faggetman: 52 @callmepf: 28 @Only Trails: 26 @characterz: 17 @Zook: 17 @glitch: 15 @logout: 14 @Otoris: 14 @ily: 14 @Feast: 13 Easy @splasher: 502 @callmepf: 224 @BabyOatz: 142 @ONE Lyfe: 110 @Vulpini: 103 @faggetman: 101 @shelby cobra: 100 @Maulz: 100 @MeneerBalzak: 89 @Magepals678: 89 Medium @Gerard: 428 @Hide: 400 @5x Fe: 300 @Lucipurr: 206 @ranger guy: 165 @Not Died Yet: 114 @Schrute Farm: 105 @Iron Melee: 95 @Taiga: 76 @Acre: 75 Hard @ranger guy: 88 @Tadjs: 83 @Lets Geaux: 64 @Versace: 56 @5x Fe: 50 @faggetman: 46 @miliseconds: 45 @Mals: 43 @Archesky: 40 @Sloth13: 40 Elite @affenstander: 11 @Mals: 11 @Cappin: 10 @mechmen: 8 @Lucifer2207: 8 @BlameJuicy: 8 @Bakerman: 8 @Bird law: 7 @L: 7 @Not Died Yet: 7 Master @faggetman: 15 @Schrute Farm: 15 @Lets Geaux: 12 @ranger guy: 10 @Star: 9 @Lucipurr: 8 @Cappin: 7 @Lucifer2207: 7 @splasher: 7 @ErikZakalG: 5 Below shows each tier clue scroll cumulative loot across every account which completed the clues. It only tracks items tracked by the collection log itself. *The Gnomish firelighter and Ancient, Armadyl and Bandos stoles are currently unavailable as a result of a bug. *The pirate hat version which clues currently give is a reoloured version not tracked by the Collection log, therefore it is not showing the real amount of it. *The elf camp teleport is unavailable until the release of Prifddinas.
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    Not items, but clues completed for sure. Eventually it would be nice to have clue (and boss) hiscores as well.
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    Look mom I made it into a statistic thread!
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    I've seen quite a few people making feedback threads, so I figured I'd throw my two cents in here and give everyone my own criticism. Developers I can't really gather much criticism for the developers. They do an exceptional job and handle things fluidly. Keep up the great work guys, honestly. Reason being, I don't know enough about their line of work to offer a solid opinion on what they do. Manager It's been a while since the Manager role was given out, at least in my time on Zenyte, and I think handing over the role to Life was a great choice in the end despite criticism from others on the topic. The manager role is a role that has to be formed to the person in it, and Life is doing great with it so far. It's just a matter of trial and error to figure out the best kind of niche to stick to, and he'll do a great job running the role. Administrators Echo - I've seen a lot of criticism revolving around Echo and his line of work he's involved in within the community. I don't know much about why he's been inactive in game lately, but from what I understand he does a lot of stuff behind the scenes as well as updating the forums as a Forum Administrator too. Either way, being active in the community is nice, and I would like to see more of Echo around! He's fun to talk to. Distraction - Still somewhat new-ish to the role of Administrator, but despite the criticism received from others I think Distraction is doing a fantastic job filling his role. He's active in the community and engages on a day to day basis with a lot of different people. Keep up the good work! Hide - The new Administrator! I hate that our time differences cause us to not interact as much, but the time I spent with you on the team was definitely great! You're a fun person to talk to and you're professional in your responses when handling situations. You've always been a guide for new supports and moderators, and your Administrator promotion was honestly long overdue. Senior Moderator Well, we only have one Sr. Mod right now, and you're doing a fantastic job Hxrdcore/O. Not really much needs said. You were an old Sr. Moderator back in the day, and a great one too if I'm not mistaken. All-round great staff member and person to be around! Moderators Dragonic - I've worked closely with you on many different projects during my time on the staff team. You're a fun person to talk to and be around and I always enjoy voice chatting with you whenever I can get the chance to. The work you do in game is fantastic, you're strict on the rules, and fun when it's needed! You remain professional in what you do, and always help players as actively as you can. L/Joey - I, honestly, haven't had the chance to work with you much or get to know you, but from what I understand you've been doing your best with the Moderator role! Maybe it's due to timezones or my own activity, but I really haven't seen you much in game lately. I would definitely like to talk to you more though and get to know you. Server Supports xSynystyr - Honestly, you're one of the most active supports we have currently and I'm just wondering when that Moderator promotion is going to come through! You're helpful in the cc and actually know about the game and do your best to handle situations that arise. Despite the criticism received from others on your performance, I think you're doing an exceptional job! Keep up the good work! 200m Dancing - You've been kicking butt since you joined the staff team and that's fantastic honestly! You're taking on a lot and help curate events for the community. You're learning more about osrs as the time goes and that knowledge will be invaluable when helping people. My only concern is that I see you burning yourself out with the workload you're trying to take on! Don't be afraid to take a breather and relax every now and then or you'll be overwhelmed eventually. Psyche - The man that keeps coming back! Honestly, you're a great all-round staff member, but the leaving and coming back makes it seem bad in the eyes of some people. Despite that, you had your reasons for leaving each time and that needs to be accepted more! People get busy and things happen in lives all the time. ConHamer - You're one the newer supports, so therefore you're still getting into the role and learning about it. You're doing great with the questions in the cc, but as far as that I haven't seen you engage with the community much. That could be partly due to my own activity or timezones even, but a lot of people don't really know who you are from what I've seen and understand! Listen - You are very helpful and active in the cc whenever I see you online, but like above, I don't see much engagement from you within the community. A lot of people don't know who you are, and that happens! No one knew who I was when I joined the team. You just have to take the initiative to be proactive and friendly with everyone that comes your way. Lucifer and Great Chaos - I'm grouping you guys together because I've worked with you guys when you were Moderators in my clan, and most of the problems seem like they're rooted towards you guys. There's no doubt in my mind that you guys are personally fun to talk to, but coming down on you with some professional criticism is not intended to be taken as a personal attack or whatever. I've seen you guys say "Just ::wiki it" for questions in the cc, and that's not really an acceptable answer most of the time. Server Supports are the staple of the staff team and you guys should take the initiative to look up things yourselves and gather knowledge so you're better equipped for the next question that comes your way. You are to represent Zenyte as a staff member and uphold a level of professionalism and unbiased responses to any concerns or problems. Don't always resort to using your staff powers to mediate situations, but rather try finding an alternative solution or getting a second opinion before coming down on the players with infractions. You'll avoid less headaches and backlash if the appropriate measures are taken. Without a doubt you guys have the capacity to do good things for Zenyte, but I see a lack of initiative lately due to the criticism you guys have received. Don't let it bring you down, but use it to work on your weakpoints. We all start off at the bottom and learn, but you'll never climb unless you take the initiative. Rolex - Not going to lie, I forgot to add you. That's partly due to the fact that I rarely see you acting as a Support when online, and also because you're online during the dead of the night for me and I'm not really active during those times. You're a fantastic person to be around and it's been awesome getting to know you during my time on Zenyte. However, I don't see the same motivation and drive you had when you were first on the team, and it seems to me that you're not trying as hard as you did prior in your role. I feel like others would agree with me on this notion as I've been rather blunt and honest with everything I've said so far regarding everyone. Forum Moderator Last, but surely not least, Glitch! You are an excellent forum moderator and honestly give the best answers to suggestions and forum medals. Keep up the good work. Thanks everyone for the hard work they put in. At the end of the day you all volunteer yourselves and your lives to help the community, so keep up the work!
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    Welcome to Zenyte's "juggernaut" event! What is the “Juggernaut” Event? the hosts will announce in-game and in discord where the juggernaut will be in the wilderness once the event begins. we will announce a clan chat to join. get your team or run solo and take down the juggernaut. The juggernaut will have a set amount of health and will take some time to defeat. If you or your team can kill the juggernaut, you will be rewarded with the prize up for grabs This event will officially be Hosted on multiple dates- "04/04/2020 Sever time 22:00 GMT " Rounds 1 "Splasher" 2 "Splasher" Rewards -Round 1 "100 credits " -Round 2 "150 credits " The person kills the juggernaut will receive a reward which will be given from one of the hosts. The person who dealt the most damage will be able to collect the prize. Anyone can then attempt to kill you for the loot so be careful! -this event will be hosted in the wilderness.The juggernaut will be in a multi zone Only bring items you can adequately defend or items you are willing to lose. - All Game modes can participate -iron, HCIM, Ultimate iron- - You must SUBMIT a screenshot, with your username, date and server time in your chat box and showing u got the kill on the host - Please submit your screenshots in this thread. No screenshots no rewards! All Zenyte rules must be followed. Happy hunting and beware of the pkers
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    Agree'd gl, hope you continue the series.
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    Bad habits Thank you! 50x25x.
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    No rares unfortunetly Keep up the series though! I love it<3
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    Lol! I aintttt goin' outside todayyyyy.
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    F for losing HCIM status. Your content is always fun, keep it up man!
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    Hey B25dies, I was just curious how you were going about opening it. I'm a Windows user so I'm not sure the steps are the same to opening JAR files. If you would try this though and let me know how it goes: 1. Open a terminal 2. Navigate to the files location 3. Run this command: java -jar Zenyte.jar If that fails you may need to give it executable privileges: 4. Run this command: sudo chmod +x Zenyte.jar Please let me know if this resolves your issue.
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    imo, you shouldn't curse as a content creator but on the other hand, nice video and account. You're killing it. What xp rate are you on?
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    Thx brother Glitch Im going for a lot more so watch out
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    Hey Vial, Despite me being an airhead and forgetting to let ya know, the medals have been awarded to you! Enjoy
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    CAPE OF SKULLS!!!! Decent amount of pages and masters too. My only suggestion is to leave an overview of all the loot at the end of the video. Thanks for the video once again man!
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    Hi Baka, Thank you for taking the time out of your normal day-to-day schedule in hopes of providing some form of feedback as to how myself, and other members of the staff can improve in their own shape or form. You've done a remarkable job with pretty much every single critique that has been provided. We all have our own little niches we need to work on in order to improve and all it is really is just a matter of time! But with that being said I will take on board your suggestions and look for ways as to how I can grow as an "all rounded" Server Support. You have a lovely day. See you in-game!
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    Damn, great job! I just started my first ever hcim (first iron in general)
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    It’s not much of a face reveal, but it’s an IRL picture regardless. Today, I received a birthday gift from @Ghostand I could not be more happier! For some of you who do not know, I have my own group of discord emojis on the discord server and this is one of them. Thank you, @Ghost, for the birthday gift! It means a lot to me and I’m glad to see that there are very generous people on Zenyte!
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