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    ... make sure we thank the devs for the insanely good update they pushed out today. Thanks a lot, Kris, Corey, Christopher, Tommeh. Bird chompy hunting though...
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    For those unaware still, we had another small update a couple hours ago which fixed some annoying issues that were created by yesterday's massive update. They can be found at the bottom of the original post, or.. here:
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    Thank you Simon for bringing this up. Personally I feel that the waiting was worth it and it is no doubt one of the biggest update we had so far as most, if not all of our players can participate and enjoy the content - dont get me wrong or feel that im devaluing other updates but previously its mostly been high-end content that requires skill to actually complete so its great to have such content aswell that everyone can relate to. Also @Christopher you did very well and put alot of effort into this aswell and we are definietly waiting more from you (P.S I´d agree that guard dog should say woof instead of chatting with people.) I can see bright future ahead for zenyte. Thank you development team!
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    You only posted this thread to flex that new orange rank.
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    Treasure Trails Different levels of clue scrolls Zenyte will offer six different levels of clues scrolls (beginner/easy/medium/hard/elite/master). The higher level ones being more difficult to complete. Players will be able to stack different difficulty clue scrolls boxes. Clues will be obtained by randomly killing monsters, implings or skilling (fishing/woodcutting/mining). Also voting will reward you with a random clue scroll box (3 votes = 1 random clue scroll box). Obtaining clue scrolls There are multiple ways of obtaining clue scrolls on Zenyte. Clue scroll drops: ~375 monsters currently drop various clue scrolls. Chambers of Xeric have a 1/12 chance of dropping an elite clue scroll. Barrows has a 1/200 chance of dropping the elite clue scroll per barrows brother slain. The stone chest in the lizardman temple has a 1/100 chance of dropping the medium clue scroll. The rogue chest has a 1/99 chance of dropping the hard clue scroll. The H.A.M members have a 1/50 chance of giving easy clue scrolls when pickpocketed. Clue bottles, geodes and nests can be obtained with OSRS rates and opened to receive the clue box. Clue scroll steps Each difficulty clue scroll will have certain step amount: Beginner clues - 1 to 3 steps Easy clues - 2 to 4 steps Medium clues - 3 to 5 steps Hard clues - 4 to 6 steps Elite clues - 5 to 7 steps Master clues - 6 to 8 steps Zenyte has most of the clue steps implemented, which includes: Anagram clues: Some anagrams come with an additional challenge, such as answering a question, completing a puzzle or completing a light box. Cipher clues: Cipher clues all require you to either answer a question, or complete a puzzle. Coordinate clues: The elite coordinate clues will require the player to kill either a Bandosian or and Armadylean guardian before progressing. The master coordinate clues will require the player to kill three Ancient wizards if they're in multi, or a Brassican mage. Cryptic clues: Cryptic clues will require the player to search an object, to talk to a specific NPC, to kill a monster, complete some sort of a challenge a NPC asks them or to find a key and open the object locked behind the key. Emote clues: Emote clues have various requirements regarding worn items; the player may be asked to wear specific items, sets, or wear nothing at all. The emote(s) must be done in the specified area, often a house or other structure. Medium emote clues will require the player to perform two emotes. Hard and master emote clues always require the player to defeat double agents before progressing further. Map clues: Map clues never require the player to kill anything, only to dig at where the treasure is found. Hot/Cold clues: The master hot/cold clues always require the player to defeat three Ancient wizards, or a Brassican mage, depending on whether the player is inside a multi zone or not. Music clues: Music clues require you to play a song in Falador park, on the bridge, to Cecilia. You need to have said music tracks unlocked beforehand. Triple cryptic clues: All implemented and functional, triple cryptic clues only appear in master clue scrolls. All three steps must be completed in order to progress further with the clue scroll. Light boxes: Fully implemented and completely random patterns. Puzzle boxes: Puzzle boxes can always be solved, the way they're randomized is by starting with a complete puzzle and running a random number of valid steps on it until it is scrambled, meaning it 100% is always doable. STASH units All but three STASH units implemented(three unavailable due to inaccessible items or areas) until construction is released, STASH units will require respective crafting levels and give crafting experience. When construction releases, the skill will simply by swapped out to construction. Experience gained from STASH units before construction will remain in crafting and won't carry over to construction. The Mimic The Mimic is a boss who can be fought by presenting a mimic casket to the strange casket found upstairs in Watson's house. Mimics can be obtained from an elite or master reward casket. The elite reward casket has a 1/35 chance of being a mimic, while master reward caskets have a 1/15 chance. The fight with the Mimic is instanced; if the player dies during the fight, lost items will be kept by the strange casket and can be reclaimed for 90,000 coins. Players have six chances to kill The Mimic from a master clue, five from an elite clue, which corresponds to the item rolls from the obtained casket. Every time a player leaves or dies, the amount of rolls on the drop table is decreased by one. If a player fails every attempt, they will not receive any loot from the original clue scroll. Clue scroll rewards Clue rewards have been implemented in full: The reward caskets are stackable and can be opened in masses. All clue scroll rewards have been implemented from all tiers. The rewards obtained through treasure trails are tracked by the collection log. All items can be worn, have proper bonuses and requirements. Clue scroll milestone rewards (Large spade, Clueless scroll, Uri transform, Heavy casket and Scroll sack) are implemented and are available after completing a clue scroll with the necessary milestone count. Implings and Puro-Puro From now on implings will spawn globally and players will be able to catch them around the map, all of their loot tables are 1:1 to OSRS. Global impling spawns implemented, which are randomly assigned traits (rare spawn, invisible spawn) at server startup so they change often. There are roughly half the implings ingame at all times based on the amount of possible spawn locations. Implings despawn after ~15 minutes after appearing. Bare-handed impling catching Puro-Puro is an area that contains 11 types of implings that can be caught by players. Jar generator and Magic butterfly net were implemented with the addition of Puro-Puro. Agility Pyramid A new agility area called Agility Pyramid will be accessible. On this course players start at the bottom of a pyramid with the goal of reaching the top, where they are able to collect the pyramid top. Before reaching the top, players will have to successfully traverse each of the five layers of the pyramid. Players with an agility level of 30 or higher can head over to the Agility Pyramid near Nardah to get started. Most obstacles of the course have a chance of failure so food is suggested for those with lower agility level (30s~60s). After reaching the top of the pyramid, players can retrieve a pyramid top which can be given to Simon Templeton for 25,000 coins each. Skotizo Skotizo is a demonic boss located beneath the Catacombs of Kourend. Accessing its lair requires the use of a dark totem on the altar found in the centre of the Catacombs, one dark totem permits only one attempt. If the player dies in Skotizo's area, there is absolutely no way to retrieve items lost on death! Should the player need to leave, they can either teleport out or use one of the four portals in the corners of the boss chamber. Skotizo can be substituted for both Black demon and Greater demon kills during Slayer tasks. Chompy bird hunting Chompy birds can now be killed for a chance of Chompy chick pet and Chompy bird hats. Bloated toads must be used as bait to catch them. Bloated toads can be sucked up with Ogre bellows by the nearby swamp. When a Chompy dies, it will give you a corpse, which you can pluck to gain feathers. Doing this will also place a Raw chompy and some bones on the ground. A Chompy bird will escape after one minute if you fail to kill it. Players can talk to Rantz to buy an ogre bow and receive a free ogre bellows to begin chompy hunting. Chompy chick has a 1/500 chance of dropping from chompy birds for those who have completed the elite Western Provinces diary. Chompy bird hats can be claimed from Rantz after bringing him an ogre bow and getting enough chompy bird kills. New features Enhanced tridents Players can now use kraken tentacles on Lieve McCracken which she will permanently hold onto. For every 10 kraken tentacles, a player can use an uncharged trident on Lieve, and receive an enhanced variant in replacement. Pet mystery box This box includes these pets: Spirit kalphite, 4 versions of Baby dragons, Praying mantis, Wolpertinger, Granite crab, Cockroach, Evil turnip, Spirit mosquito, 4 versions of Geckos. 2 versions of Penguins, 3 versions of Bulldogs, 5 versions of Squirrels, 3 versions of Raccoons, 3 versions of Platypuses, 3 versions of Terriers, 3 versions of Greyhounds, 3 versions of Labradors, 2 versions of Dalmatians, 3 versions of Sheepdogs, 10 versions of Monkeys and 10 versions of Chameleons. Whenever a player opens a pet mystery box, they will receive a pet (from the list above) they do not currently own, assuming they're missing at least one pet from the selection. If the player possesses all the pets, they will be unable to open the box. The box contains a variety of pets, all of which have the same rarity except for the dragons. The pet dragons have a much lower chance of being received from the box, however if all other pets have been redeemed, the box has no choice but to give you the missing dragons. New Discord commands (::log, ::stats, ::poll) Graceful recolouring The graceful dyes can be bought from the vote shop for 5 vote points each. One dye can recolour one graceful piece. The default unlocked colour selection consists of all but white and dark blue. The white one can be unlocked by completing all achievement diaries. It will then be available through the dye's recolour menu. The dark blue will remain locked until a later update. Bugfixes Half fish pie now boosts fishing skill stat instead of farming. Added proper stats for hydra slayer helmet (i). Run energy is now calculated prior to movement preventing players from using an infinite run exploit. The herb patch at Weiss no longer diseases. Empty out option for burnt pie now functions replacing the burnt pie with a pie dish. Using cannonballs on dwarf multicannon now loads up the cannon. Players will no longer always receive a golden chinchompa pet. The pet received is now random with a small chance of getting a golden variant. The trident of seas (full) dropped by kraken now properly degrades. Unstrung emblems are now able to be strung by using ball of wool. Players can now also bless unholy symbols by talking to Spirit of Scorpius south-west of Ardougne, or bless with an unholy book or book of balance. Zahur no longer charges Onyx+ members for crushing secondaries. Explorer rings alchemy option now works. All Explorer rings have 30 charges of free low alchemy uses with Explorer ring 4 having the extra benefit of 30 free charges of high alchemy. Players can no longer trade custom pets or put them in the grand exchange. "Special" seeds are now protectable. These include Giant Seaweed, Teak tree, Mahogany tree, Cactus, Potato Cactus, and Calquat tree. For detailed information, see here. Both shortcuts for entering and leaving ogre island now work. Players can now use a knife to cut up chocolate bars. Max cape now has -4 reduction on weight. While having bank open, players are now able to use the fill option on runecrafting pouches to withdraw essence from bank and straight into pouch. A set of Zamorak robes are now required climb the ladder for the Asgarnia Chaos Temple (north of Falador). Also, physically picking up wine of zamorak now results in some damage. Rada's blessing 4 now needs to be equipped to receive fishing effect. Players can no longer steal from Ape Atoll stalls while disguised as a monkey. Players can now cook yak meat. Burying bones in Catacombs of Kourend now restores prayer. Pineapple rings can now be used to create pineapple pizza. Max cape mithril grapple and bronze crossbow limited to thrice a day. Players can now create turquoise slayer helmet. Vorkath head can now be used on max cape for same effect as using Vorkath head on Ranging cape. Sapphire bracelets are now able to be created. Fixed a typo in Shantay Pass dialogue. Wilderness canoe pond is no longer a option in the Zenyte teleportation portal. Wingman Skree now uses proper magic attack animation and graphics. Added weapon poisoning for all poisonable weapons Players can no longer teleport to the Magic mushtree they are using. Scorpia offsprings now count towards scorpion slayer task. Reanimated npcs now count towards their respective slayer task. Black Heather, Speedy Keith, and Donny the lad now count towards bandit slayer task. Ghostly robe top and bottom now have correct item bonuses. Mudskipper hat now displays properly on player. Max cape and farming cape now teleports player inside farming guild. Clearing raids herb patches no longer takes multiple dig animations and now works on first one. Adding pages to tome of fire no longer requires input and has been replaced with adding all in inventory. Corporeal beast wilderness exit now shows warning dialogue. Players can no longer get experience for hitting tentacle whirlpool (first hit) Slayer ring now gives enchanted gem on degradation instead of just disappearing. Gnome cocktail is now fixed. Players can now create botanical pie. Fixed inventory space check for cooking combinations that do not consume materials (e.g creating pastry dough). Jumpable rocks in Taverley dungeon now require level 70 agility to attempt. Dust devil spawn in wall has been fixed. Battle mages are now aggressive against players not wearing their god cape. Buying untrimmed cape from mac now gives hood. Increased radius of Crazy Archaeologist special attack to 3x3. Stony basalt now teleports under shortcuts or above depending on task completion. Added two missing bronze dragon spawns to Catacombs of Kourend. Added missing baby black dragon spawn. Bloodvelds are no longer aggressive. Wilderness swords now cut webs 100% of the time. Digsite pendant now works towards Varrock diary task. Western Provinces diary task to teleport to Gnome Stronghold via spirit tree is now fixed. Sherlock task of teleporting to planted spirit tree has been fixed. Dark totem pieces no longer need to be assembled in order to continue receiving them. Arceuus spellbook home teleport now takes you near dark altar. Stepping stones at Lumbridge Swamp Caves now work. Runite golem no longer breaks after respawning and Runite rock dropped from golem is now able to be mined. Players only need to show Rune defender once to access Warriors' Guild Basement. Proper degradation messages for Slaughter and Expeditious bracelets. Fever spider now inflict disease instead of poison if player isn't wearing Slayer gloves. Varrock armour 4 now counts as replacement for Prospector jacket. Proper experience for Golden gauntlets and Varrock armor 'combo' smelting effect. Wyvern shield can now be created at House on the Hill in Fossil Island. Item wield information, bonuses and requirements have been corrected for a wide variety of items, even those outside of Treasure Trails. Improved the code which handles synchronizing elements around you when you move, such as spawned/removed objects, ground items and whatnot. Prior to this, it was possible - assuming an item was perfectly positioned in a way that would permit it - for it to not be removed or not show up when the player gets close enough to it. This should no longer be the case. Dragon dagger's special attack accuracy boost has been reduced down to 15% from the previous 25% after Mod Ash released new information about it. Watson house teleport added to the portal at home. A large variety of new pets have been introduced, all obtainable through the pet mystery box. Fixed an error which caused the drop viewer to not display all the drops when searching for "ancient" of "shard". Stronghold of Security gates no longer ask you the questions once you've completed the maze and received all four rewards. Mystery box loot has been rewritten to an extent. All of the Treasure Trails items have been removed from the box, and a variety of new items have been introduced. In addition to this, the average loot value has been greatly improved from the boxes. The custom fur clothing shop has been implemented in Varrock. The access to the fossil island dungeons has been implemented, you can now properly climb through the cave entrances, staircases etc. The resizable world map can now be opened even if the player has a central interface(e.g. bank interface) open. The same does not apply for full screen world map(on mobile, only the full screen world map is accessible so this change does not affect mobile users). Digsite teleports now take the player to the correct location. Keldagrim stonemason shop now sells proper items. The stock was rather broken before. Added a variety of missing items to the "list of godwars protective items". The sextant, and its companion items can now be purchased from the skilling shop at home. The Patchy NPC on Mos Le'Harmless island now provides sewing and unsewing services for a variety of items, some of which are still inaccessible but nonetheless. Staves now possess a deterministic attack animation, depending on whether or not the off-hand slot is filled. The Uri transformation emote no longer allows the user to create a lock where they block all the incoming damage by playing the emote repeatedly over and over. Digging with a spade no longer locks the player. A number of memory optimizations implemented. These will indirectly affect the stability of the server. A collection which held entity's received hits has been rewritten to a more memory-efficient solution. Until now, we have had very verbose logging server-side, for every player. Our player logs reach the 200gb mark in just a couple weeks. I have gone over all of the packets that exist and filtered out roughly 90% of those, more specifically the ones which have served no purpose to us in what is almost a year now. The give thanks emote now locks the player again. In addition to this, the emote can no longer be played back-to-back to block all incoming damage indefinitely. Added a movement lock to the Trick emote. All non-special animations can now be played back-to-back without having to wait for the emote to finish(e.g. jig to dance). Rewrote the way barrows doors were handled. This should hopefully fix the issue with them not reacting to users clicks after some time. Monsters larger than 1x1 can no longer spawn in the tunnels inside Barrows, when going through the doors. Rewrote the way prioritized targets work. you should no longer come across the issue of crypt monsters sniping your assigned barrows brother as you go through the doors. You can now also attack barrows bothers immediately even if you're being attacked by a crypt monster. Went through server logs and repaired some of the common errors that were being logged(they didn't cause any real harm but were spamming out logs for no reason). Rewrote the item sets interface, you can now examine the very last items on the interface and make item sets out of those. Mt. Karuulm elevator no longer has issues with indefinitely locking the player if the user tries to glitch it out. Players can no longer abuse the teleport interface at home by teleporting to locations they didn't have unlocked. Items kept on death which won't fit in your inventory will now be dropped on the ground beneath you a tick after you respawn, along with unfilterable red messages implying that. Upon the end of a duel, both players receive a few seconds of immunity from incoming damage. This prevents an issue with delayed attacks still dealing damage once the player has left a duel. Monkey greegrees rewritten to not permit the user to leave the Ape Atoll island as a monkey. Black dragons assignment will no longer be given to players in the Kourend catacombs if their slayer level is under 77. Fire max cape can now be used to gain passage to the Mor-Ul-Rek city. Fixed a bug where godwars killcount monsters would still increment killcount if killed outside of the godwars dungeon. The serpentine helmet and toxic staff of the dead now have had their maximum charges upscaled from 25000 to 90000. This means, both of the items, when fully charged will now last 3.6x longer. Any existing helmets and toxic staves of the dead on the live game will currently not be upscaled and people - even those who have 100% charged in them before the update - will end up with just a fraction of that after this update. It is too difficult to upscale it for existing users, far too prone to errors. You can just fill the items up again after the update and only then - will they be at full charges. Increased smoke devil's attack range and made them attack from afar, as opposed to previous melee distance. Ferocious gloves can now be reverted at the Lithkren machine. All "spawned" barrows creatures will now despawn if the player goes further than 15 tiles from them. This will help clean up the tunnels from excessive amount of creatures. The "Peek" option on godwars dungeon boss chamber doors has been implemented. The spammy fletching messages about not having the necessary items to do something have been resolved. Items that do not appear on the grand exchange can no longer be set up as offers(e.g. an item called "tile"). Treasure trails related items have been removed from the vote shop. Vote shop now contains the graceful dyes, all essence pouches(you can only purchase them in order from lowest to highest, if you've obtained say a small one from the monsters, you'll be able to purchase the medium one from the shop). Wine fermenting process bugs fixed. Disabled some unnecessary RuneLite api calls. Reduced farming exp from sprouting roots at Wintertodt. Pyromancers no longer have 1hp. This was originally not the case when Wintertodt came out so it was somehow reverted. Wintertodt states are now properly reset; this fixes a fair few bugs regarding braziers getting attacked, staying lit, etc. Wintertodt random cold damage now always hits at least 1. Vote shop and loyalty shop now send message displaying amount of points player has. All crystal halberds now display proper attack styles. You can now left click Great Olm's firewall to instacast humidify to douse the fire. Runes can now be dragged between containers for rune pouch. Harmony island teleport in Arceuus spellbook now gives 74 exp instead of 174. Clicking on furnace with a steel bar and ammo mould in inventory will automatically display cannonball creation dialogue. Dark tunnel in the Motherlode Mine now uses correct animation. Blue dragon scales now spawn in Myths' Guild basement near dragons. All wyverns found in Fossil Island now have correct combat script and use icy breath, ranged, and melee attacks. Skilling calculator plugin now allows players to put their xp rate for more accurate calculations. Attempting to join the "help" clan chat now re-directs the user to the official clan channel. Vote and loyalty shops now display highlighted quantity of existing points when opening the shops. Lizardman shaman combat script has been rewritten to not freeze the monsters, spawn purple followers in walls and to not drop loot underneath the player. K'ril Tsutsaroth's combat script has been restored. Smoke devils no longer block each-other, and merge together without needing to force it. A placeholder dialogue has been introduced for pets which did not previously have a dialogue. Giant mole is now enabled as a potential boss task. The game no longer slowly goes out of synchronization over time. Previously, the game was put to sleep for 600ms every tick(minus the processing time), however with it being millisecond precision, on average, half a millisecond was added on top of that delay, causing each cycle - on average - to take 600.5ms. It now properly re-adjusts the cycle time to ensure that it's always a 600ms interval. Examining asleep version of Vorkath now shows proper drops on it. Lithkren dungeon now has a semi-dark overlay to it. The mind, elemental and ancient wyvern shields now all have an animation, graphics and a sound effect(no sound for aw shield) played when the player equips it. Every occurrence of "just now" replaced with "right now" for consistency. Fossil island wyverns can now be obtained as an assignment. Task-only wyvern cave area defined. "Stop the Wyvern" slayer unlock now functions. Pyrefiends now use magical melee attacks. Scarecrows can no longer be planted in non-flower patches. Mage arena II bosses now have an attack range of 10 tiles, as opposed to previous 8. 39 new achievement diary tasks have been implemented. Anyone who previously had the diaries completed, will now have to finish the remaining tasks to get the effects given by the diaries. Any items you acquired as a diary reward will still be available - and for the most part - should still function. Skull sceptre's max charges now depend on Varrock diary completion. Teacher wand equip animation updated. Vanguards no longer drop 3-dose potions. TzHaar task replacement dialogue fixed. Cannon now fully decays after 30 minutes, as opposed to the previous 25. Dragon hasta's attack speed patched. The white public chat effect fixed. Ammonite crabs on Fossil island now in a multi zone. Infernal axe now gives the player a bar instead of ores. Battle mages now have proper bonuses. Blast furnace now counts towards skilling dailies. Guard dog at Kourend now says woof, as opposed to previous.. humanoid chat. Making a single bird house no longer prompts the make-x dialogue. Burning amulet now gives a proper warning to the player when teleporting. Large compost bin now works in Farming Guild. Post-update patches Prayer altars now restore prayer again. The dark altar's animation is now reset after being used for teleporation. Implings now reset retreating on death Impling retreating issue patched (being stuck in the corner) Two extra rare impling spawns have been added to Puro-Puro Black d'hide chaps no longer require defence Regular butterfly net now has working 'show totals' option (previously only worked on the magic butterfly net) Stash unit slot limitation issues fixed Barrows no longer caps out NPCs Ancient wizards no longer stop attacking the player after one enters combat Red topaz karamja step fixed Jiggig can now be entered Bloated toads can only be planted at Feldip Hills now Taskmaster dialogue fix Fixed skeleton clue drops Clue nests now give the player an empty nest when being looted "Give thanks" emote works again for those who unlocked it Godwars KC Npcs no longer force-aggro in Wilderness Mort Myre Swamp fairy ring "BKR" implemented Western diary requirements for chompy hunting lowered - elite now requires 300 (instead of 1000) with everything else scaling inbetween Dark totem pieces now come in order Lunar island bank booths can no longer be walked on Fenkenstrain castle doors now function properly Volcanic ash can now only be added to a compost bin when it has finished rotting at it's full stage. Also added checks to ensure the player has the necessary 25/50 volcanic ash Bracelet of clay charges now per-player rather than per-item Map and cryptic clues which require the player to dig now work in a 3x3 range, instead of just one tile Upper level motherlode mine access fixed Stamina effect now displays on the run orb Additional media
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    Hey guys. My username is Krokodilchik and some of you might have seen my first account "Executor". After getting bored of the 10 hp max main grind, I decided to take on a new challenge due to the Corona Virus - Namely, as the title states. I'll be trying to update this thread with new pictures of my inventory and the xp gains. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've achieved my goal on 26th of march 2020! GEAR: 22.03.20 23.03.20 25.03.20 SKILLS: 22.03.20 23.03.20 25.03.20 INVENTORY: 22.03.20 23.03.20 25.03.20
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    You have a better mic than most RSPS youtubers, I always have such a pet peeve with bad audio on most videos like this. Great content keep it up!
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    I had stored up 81 totems before the release of Skotizo from slayer so I decided, since clues were stackable, to kill all the Skotizo and keep track of the loot. I ended up with everything I wanted, the pet, the claw, and mostly the clues to grind out.
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    hey so if the buttons don't appear when you ::vote type https://zenyte.com/vote/1 https://zenyte.com/vote/6 https://zenyte.com/vote/7
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    Click this button to open the code menu, just copy and paste the urls in there, and hit insert.
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    Outstanding efforts to all parties who assisted with the development and bug testing of this wonderful update. It took some time, but we got there in the end. Looking forward to the next batch of updates what ever that may be, hoping it's ToB / Construction. Once again, thanks to everyone involved. @Kris @Corey @Christopher @Tommeh @Noele @Life @Distraction @Hide @Hxrdcore & to member(s) apart of the Q/A team.
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    Congrats, that was quite fast. Hopefully when construction comes out its possible to let them out for a walk in the yard.
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    Hi Mentalist, I understand the frustration, I too dislike Evil Bob. His evilness and smugness mock me. However, they will not be adjusted to prevent certain people from being unaffected by them, everyone will have to catch that stupid fish and feed that stupid cat.
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    "Guard dog at Kourend now says woof, as opposed to previous.. humanoid chat." good update
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