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    named us on yell for 15 minutes with almost no replies from sb members not trying to blow yell up. kept going so we turned up to the caves and cleared them. Trash talking is part of the fun and we get it so don't be salty that you lost and call us toxic or call this drama like a couple have already. We are up for fighting for fun, for practice, for anything. pm faggetman / blamejuicy, maybe we can even put some no trash talking rules in place if it hurts too much.
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    Overview ____________________________________________________________________ Well, fuck me I'm making a guide. K'ril Tsutsaroth is by far the easiest God Wars boss out of the four. This is due to the fact that he is the only one out of the four that doesn't have the ability to hit all players currently in the room. It's not my intention to do a complete guide but rather talk about our strategy pertaining to this boss that has helped me extend my trips. Gear Set up ____________________________________________________________________ I don't have access to ideal equipment, and I don't expect any of my readers to. For the tank, you must have a decent range defense. NOTE: The tank MUST have protection from poison! [K'ril's poison can tick for 16hp] Melee tank example Guthan's alternative Ranged example The DUO strategy In the screen cap below you'll note some marked tiles and numbers next to K'ril and his minions. Red numbers for the tank, Green for the dps. Tank responsibilities [Protect from Melee]: Stand in the middle of the room Attack K'ril before he can make an attack on your duo to grab his aggro. Make sure Tstanon Karlak is attacking you, if not attack him once. Kill Zakl'n Gritch. Then you may move on to the boss or the melee minion, then the boss. DPS responsibilities [Protect from Magic] Pick a corner Kill Balfrug Kreeyath. Help kill Zakl'n Gritch if he's still alive. Help kill K'ril or Tstanon Karlak depending on what your tank is targeting. [Do NOT attack K'ril if the tank is not hitting him.] Why should you consider this strategy? I've killed K'ril 260 times so far, along the way I've seen people die because they pulled aggro off the tank, I've watched trips get cut short cause rng rolled one too many successful hits and someone is out of supplies. I've had amazing duo/trio trips, and I've cringed at some of the people that end up with me. I'm simply trying to pass along what I've learned from tanking this boss. The primary detriments to a tank in this situation is Balfrug Kreeyath, and Zakl'n Gritch. In most cases the duo ends up tanking mage and range for the tank. However this hurts your partner's supplies. This is why trio parties are favored for this boss because nobody is getting hit off-prayer. The goal of this strategy is to mitigate the amount of off-prayer hits the players take during the kills. With a good range defense, the tank won't take much damage from Zakl'n Gritch, and then zero damage once Zakl'n Gritch has died. Meanwhile the dps takes no damage fighting Balfrug Kreeyath with protect from magic, and doesn't even need to protect pray while helping the tank kill the rest as long as the dps doesn't pull aggro. The food drops you get throughout the trip will easily sustain both players while racking up kills. The less damage you take, the more prayer pots you can bring. Special thanks to: Wind Walker [My OG duo for all things bossy who helped refine this strategy] Orion [If you found this guide helpful, consider checking out topic 2455. Orion is a great community of fun loving folks. It's how I met Wind Walker]
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    Hi and welcome to my in depth guide to kill Alchemical Hydra. In this written guide I will go over the basics of how I do my Hydra kills, please not that this is a guide that works best for my personal preferences and that it is not THE best guide out there. SETTING UP FOR HYDRA 1. Inventory 2. Gear 3. How to get to Alchemical Hydra Fairy rings code CIR: Rada's Blessing 4: Inside of the dungeon: Killing Alchemical Hydra The Inside route Before entering the room you want to have following things done: Jad phase: Upon entering the Room run East to the red chemical jar on the first tile. Regular acidic form: Regular Electric form: Regular Fire form: Jad form: Dieing at Hydra Kill Video
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    Hello everyone, We have a quick update for you all today on the most recent promotions/demotions and resignations. All the guys/girls have been working exceptionally hard and there's plenty of stuff going on behind the scenes that you can all be excited about! As always, if you believe you would make a great addition to our team, I would encourage you to apply here. Promotions @Hxrdcorehas been promoted to Moderator @Dragonic706has been promoted to Moderator @Kingredarrowhas been promoted to Moderator @glitchhas been promoted to Forum Moderator @Pandahas been promoted to Forum Moderator @xSynystyrhas been promoted to Server Support @Knetterbalhas been promoted to Server Support @hvrhas been promoted to Server Support @Lhas been promoted to Server Support Resignations @Pondershas resigned from Server Support Demotions @Destructionhas been demoted from Administrator Congratulations on our newly promoted Staff, and farewell to those we lost.
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    The Inferno is the greatest solo PvM challenge ever to be introduced into Zenyte. Beyond sacrificing a Fire Cape, there are no requirements to attempt The Inferno. The entrance can be found in Mor UI Rek which is in the center of the TzHaar city. Once inside, you'll be faced with wave after wave of powerful monsters. You'll encounter many new kinds of creatures, and you will truly be up against the odds. If you are able to endure the heat and take down TzKal-Zuk, you will earn yourself an Infernal Cape. The Inferno minigame comes with a practice mode, which requires the player to have sacrificed a fire cape to gain access to the Inferno, along with a 1.5 million coins fee per practice round. The practice mode allows the player to start the Inferno from any wave they wish, ranging from 1 to 69. After having selected the wave, the player cannot jump to another wave. Inferno will continue from there on out and end with you dying, leaving or completing it. Completing the practice mode Inferno gives the player no rewards and does not progress towards the TzKal-Zuk slayer assignment. Your assignment will also not be reset when you die in the practice mode. Going back to the konar slayer update, there have been a few changes with some bug fixes. New features Noticeboard has had a few changes to it If you move your mouse over the "Players online: " line in the noticeboard, you will see that it now shows how many players are on desktop, and on mobile respectively. This feature is only available on desktop clients at the time. Noticeboard now shows when boosts such as bonus xp and raids points boosts are going to end; The server re-synchronizes the timers every minute to make sure any client lag you may occur won't offset the timers too much. Added a "Players in Wilderness" counter to the noticeboard - this shows a number of all the players within the attackable parts of Wilderness, including dungeons such as the Edgeville dungeon(wilderness part, at the black demons) Xeric's Wisdom scroll. Available through donating for 100 credits, and voting for 50 vote points. One scroll will boosts ones' points obtained through Chambers of Xeric by 25% for 5 hours. The timer will only tick down when the player is in a raid that has been started, but hasn't killed Olm yet. It stops ticking if a player leaves the raid, or they kill the Olm. The timer will stack - if you redeem two scrolls, you will have 10 hours of boost applied. The points boost only applies for the player who uses the scroll. If you're for example in a duo raid, and you use the scroll but your partner doesn't; any points you receive through raid(for dealing damage, solving puzzles etc) will be multiplied by 1.25. The points your partner acquired will remain with the default modifier of 1.0. The total points that you receive are also multiplied, so it is not just personal points. If both of you use the scroll, both will have the points multiplied by 1.25x. The scroll is available to ironmen, but is not tradeable. Thievable chests have been implemented All but the Dorgesh-Kaan chests were implemented. A new setting is now available in the game settings tab which allows examining NPCs to open up their drop table. This only works if you're not being attacked by anyone at the time. Updated NPC and Object examines - this time around we took the examines from Runelite, however some of them may be incorrect as some npc and object ids have changed in RuneScape between our version of the game, and theirs. It's still better than missing a lot of the examines regardless. When we upgrade the revision in the future, I will make sure to obtain the perfect examines from RS. Bugfixes/Other changes Automated the bonus xp system. Since you can now precisely see when the bonus xp ends in the noticeboard, I had to implement an automated system that turns the bonus xp off when the timer runs out. As such, I have implemented an automated system behind it that does just that. Imbuing your skull sceptre through Solztun no longer graphically glitches the sceptre to a point where you cannot interact with it without relogging. Evil Chicken Lair is now available through the Zenyte Portal. Drake's volcanic fire attack can now be properly negated by dragonfire protection, as mentioned on the Wikia. Ogress shamans and warriors drop rate for the shaman mask has been reduced to 1/900. Enchanted dragon bolts can no longer be used with any crossbow aside dragon, armadyl and dragon hunter. Fixed some salmon fishing spots across Kourend region. Removed Kalphite queen lair from the possible areas as an assignment from Konar. Any previous kalphite-lair-assignments will be redirected to the regular Kalphite lair(including the area above the boss chamber) Heavy ballista now has a 33 defence requirement to wield. Ava's assembler now has a 40 defence requirement to wield. Lizardman spawns now damage with 1 tile radius in the Lizardman temple, and 2 tile radius elsewhere. Acid splats now vanish quicker in Chambers of Xeric; In addition to this, I've fixed the annoying issue that came with this bugfix that kept applying repeated damage when getting hit by the acid splat even though you weren't standing still on the acid. Some drop broadcast messages have been changed, as a lot of them, such as the Kraken ones were rather spammy. A few new ones have been introduced. Mac will now sell the hoods with his skillcapes. Right-clicking a message of a friend now shows 'Message' instead of 'Add friend'. Fixed an issue with ignoring where the message wouldn't get filtered. K'ril Tsutsaroth now drops the normal Steam battlestaff. Some delay issues with the Fight Caves Jad have been resolved. Fixed Zahur services issues with Onyx+ members. Fixed typo's with chinchompa daily challenges. Bree now drops noted snape grass instead of unnoted. You can no longer keep on killing the Alchemical Hydra after you finish your task. Added proper dialogues when gambling a fire cape for the TzRek-Jad pet. Celastrus seeds are now obtainable from birds nests. Teleporting to Mount Karuulm with Rada's blessing 3 now shows how many teleports there's left. Fixed a type with the Ardougne cloak's farm teleport showing the incorrect maximum amount of teleports. The Morytania diary to complete a lap of the Canifis rooftop course now completes at the end of a lap. Monsters in the Chasm of Fire can only be killed on a slayer task now. You can now blow molten glass into empty light orbs instead of full ones. Strength/Attack boosting prayers now get disabled when used in combination with Augury or Rigour. You can now create Wrath tiaras. A fire cape can now be used on TzHaar-Ket to get permission to enter Mor Ul Rek. The prices of amethyst items(arrows, amethysts themselves, javelin heads etc) have all been reduced by 75%. Pathfinding changes: Large monsters who occupy more than one game tile will now align differently in combat, using their south-western point as their physical location. Previously, the monsters would try to align themselves using the center of themselves(the center-most-south-western tile in even-size monsters). This change was necessary to introduce the proper Inferno safespots, and I felt like implementing an exception for Inferno alone wouldn't be ideal. This change affects all large monsters around the game. It may have "broken" some of the older safespots, but it also introduces the same safespots found on Oldschool RuneScape. Line of sight formula has been readjusted to account for the aforementioned alignment change. You'll find that the formula is now a fair bit more lenient when it comes to shooting behind corners. Melee combat checks now properly exclude the diagonal tiles. Autocasting spells will now drag the player out from behind the object they hug before beginning the attack. This change does not affect trident-type weapons. Manually casting a spell on an entity will still allow the attack to begin one tick before the player is moved out from behind an object. Manually casting spells on monsters who have just died the same game tick will now permit the spell to go through. This allows players to use blood- and other type spells to gain the effects of the spell, which is a widely used mechanic in the Inferno, to heal up your character quicker. This change does not affect autocasting, nor does it affect trident-type weapons. Strictly manual spell-casting only. Monsters will now walk out from underneath the player when trying to attack them regardless of whether or not the player is moving. Previously, if a player was moving whilst standing on-top of a monster, the monster would not try to walk out from underneath the player as it assumed the player was trying to accomplish the same thing and doing it double would just be excessive. Due to the recent changes in entity priority mechanics, where monsters are now processed before players are, this excess checking is no longer necessary and would actually interfere with, or even break certain mechanics. Monster health and other levels are now properly normalized every minute(the timer starts at different points for all monsters to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the game tick at the minute mark). If a monster's health or combat levels are above its base levels, a value of one is deducted from it every minute until it is equal to the base levels. If the monster's health or levels are below the base, they will be increased by a value of one until they're normalized. Accounts registered in 2020 will now be able to see the game noticeboard in-game again. Promotions @Distraction has been promoted to Administrator @Rolex has been promoted to Moderator @Bakahas been promoted to Moderator @Dragonic706 has been promoted to Moderator @Kingredarrow has been promoted to Moderator @Hxrdcore has been promoted to Moderator @hvr has been promoted to Server Support @xSynystyrhas been promoted to Server Support @Knetterbalhas been promoted to Server Support Resignations @Grolsch has resigned from Moderator @Ruler has resigned from Moderator @Korex has resigned from Forum Moderator @Psyche has resigned from Server Support @Ponders has resigned from Server Support Demotions @gze has been demoted from Moderator @Banapple has been demoted from Server Support @Not Mehas been demoted from Server Support Entire rule set has been updated! Please look over our new guidelines and punishments This Guide is extensive for everyone trying to get into the habbit of doing daily farm runs. You don't want to miss out on this. You guessed it... CLUE SCROLLS
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    I attached a few pictures of my little family and some of my exploring pictures. There's a lot more on my instagram @exodus_urbex if you'd like to check those out!
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    Welcome! I originally started out this account as a skiller, before I decided to max it out completely. I hope you love it here, and if you have any questions, feel free to message myself or someone else on the staff team. Hope to see you around!
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    Hey there, Brandyn! Welcome to Zenyte! I hope you stay with us here and keep working on your skiller account. If you have any questions or concerns you can always reach out to a member of staff and we'll do our best to assist you! Good luck and happy scaping.
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    Hi Brandyn, Welcome to Zenyte. We have a fantastic close-knit community here at Zenyte and I am sure you will get on really well. Good Luck and if you need any help, don’t ask me, as i’m useless and won’t be on much this coming week anyway, lol. ~ Take it easy. I F A.
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    I agree with you, I do think the "Challenge" system is a bit bland. It worked at the start of the server, but it is definitely outdated and needs a re-work. I have seen on a different server that they had a "Skilling Task Master" which was like a slayer master, but they gave you a random skilling task to complete for a reward. It was unlimited and you could do as many as you like, which created variety in skilling- and it even had it's own shop with different perks or rewards. Adding something like that would be a good way to incorporate the skilling outfits, etc. Thanks for sharing! Great idea! Blisziful
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    Welcome to the Community! We're super happy that you've come to be apart of it! Sorry to hear that you got cleaned on OSRS, but I don't doubt for a second that you'll enjoy you're stay here much more, you'll achieve you're goals faster, and it's FREE so you're saving money, and who doesn't like that! Plus you get all of the features (some still to come in future updates, but you get the point!) I love level 3 skillers, I started as one, but then became a main, but I may have to start one up again and do some skilling with you! Blisz
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    Thanks Great Chaos for the firecape ++repp
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    super friendly guy, respectable and trustworthy would recommend at least once
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    Congratulations to @Great Chaosfor winning our first ever skill of the week event! @vinnytest @Runemanhave placed in 2nd and 3rd place! Thanks everyone who participated and I can't wait to see you all again in our next event! I will post a media thread that highlights our event for everyone to see!
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    Good points. Clue scrolls are genuinely pivotal for ironmen I know I always drop everything and do them on my ironmen as soon as they land.
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    The usage of forums has died over the years and they're dwindling pretty badly. I get notifications and insert myself into forum conversations all the time. You iust have to get out there and help make the forum's active. It's not all on the staff's back to keep things running because that also falls on the community's back too. Personally, i can see the forums blowing up more if it were more user interactive, but it just really needs activity for now. There can be forum events that give medals and awards and what not too.
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